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Can someone sticky this please.? create a 3ds max tips n hints thread

I had a pylon that the missile was tilted up on....it wasnt ini related...it was because mesh in 3ds max wasnt correct measurements...this happens if you create a mesh,from say a stock cylinder...of 2m long by 1m dia...and  scale it down to say 1m x.25 m and skin it and done....if you dont xform reset it,then it does what my pylon did.....actually it was outerwing that needed resetting....but what I describe about cylinder causes such issues.easy thing to miss when you do hundreds of parts to a model....

I now create meshes for say pistons in place where I first make the basic cylinder shape.then fashion the 2 halves etc....then If I scale it up...I now always xform reset it before animating and rotating\moving it into place...as resetting it when its at odd angles is hard if not impossible some times.


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I've learned before I attach meshes or add animations, I xform reset and also reset the pivots. then I move them to where they need to go and animate the meshes.

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