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Since installed complete SF2 pack, courtesy of TK....my sound is shit....

I now get a droning hum in background of all planes.....also sounds echo eckoy ecko ee ?..lol...its weird...tried from 8 to 32 channels with stock sounds....not like it was before with my original installs...weird....

gone tinny and  seems to phase in and out and sounds like in a large hangar echoing....sounds I used before for the hawk now crash the game....tried 8 to 32 channels still same shyte...god knows whats happened.


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Stock sounds should be mostly 11025 Hz Mono (RWR sounds are Stereo), export as .wav 16-bit PCM in a software like Audacity. Recently, some new sounds I added to my install required to be saved to 44100 Hz. Generally, if you have a high quality .wav file, you should leave it to 44100 Hz, otherwise it will be played with a weird pitch in-game.

EDIT: it's pretty weird that custom sounds for the Hawk make your game crash. This makes me think it's a driver issue of your sound card. Or maybe, have you installed custom codec packs recently? Those can cause a number of issues if not properly registered in the system.

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everything is as it was with my original installs....I think it might be  mis match of inis or something....so im going to replace new install inis and add all my  ones ...such as Flightengine.ini options etc etc and see what happens....should eliminate any cross contamination so to speak...


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