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A bit of help wanted with mods

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i have still to figure out how to properly mod my new sf2 install and i am a bit of a dumdum when it comes those issues, i have tried to just mod the base sf2 campaign Burning Sands (1959) to give the mercenary squadron more cash as a start so i can figure out how to start doing the rest.

i made a flight directory in my saves folder and extracted the missiondata001.cat into it

i.e. my folder is:

C:\Users\evil overlord\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Flight\MissionData001

and i am trying to edit the campaign1_data.ini to simply add more cash to the merc squadron for now (was trying to add more land units and stuff but i am back to just trying to change one thing and getting that to work so i can later do a custom campaign)

the options.ini has
Directory=C:\Users\evil overlord\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2

but for now, nothing changes when i try to start a new merc campaign, any ideas what i am doing wrong?

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thank you yes i do, i also have it installed, but since i wanted to do more than that for modding i kinda wanted to learn how everything works in regards to mods so that i can change more than what the cc allows you to do

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