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  1. yep those are the same maps as the texas edu ones :) the Vietminh forces only had two trainers in 1945, they once belonged to the emperor but their first operational flight was only in 49, first real air units was the 919 Transport Regiment with Yak-18 trainers on 1 May 1959 and only in 1964 did the Vietminh get access to combat aircraft
  2. https://maquettes-missiles.blogspot.com/2011/03/le-breguet-br-1050-alize.html and i think this is the correct squadron emblem for the SBD's there on arrowmanche http://www.netmarine.net/aero/unites/4f/index.htm if you need more, don't hesitate to say, my french is horriblé but i can make do for some google fu
  3. and another with more insignias http://www.traditions-air.fr/index.htm
  4. just a hunch, but your install path may be write protected in one form or another, try starting two campaigns and see if you can still see the first (after you have flown a mission or two in the first) if you can see the campaign while still in the game but not after a restart your game exe probably do not have the write permission
  5. http://gaubs.free.fr/ might be of some help for squadrons but not all of them have graphics and not all of them have live links
  6. http://www.frenchwings.net/indochina/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=22 it may help, though in french only (English version of the site is not working)
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mzli6is4wrhc9vv/Ax01199.jpg?dl=0 that is the best map i found for garrisons at 1946 start with this one showing the major transportation routes; https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejq0e51qqchwrja/txu-oclc-1092889-78334-8-70.jpg?dl=0 and this one for air bases though it is much later in 1970 iirc; https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3jdmjyxbl3gj2q/txu-oclc-1092889-78335-8-70.jpg?dl=0 I also do have a 1:100.000 map of all of Indochina with airports which you can also get from here; https://legacy.lib.utexas.edu/maps/ams/indochina_and_thailand/ and just saying, it is awesome that you are redoing the map, i very much look forward to seeing it and flying over it ^^, i have plenty of things i can do in the mean time and fixing the strat nodes position is fortunately easy to "redo"
  8. well, small progress, I have had a lot of fails... or First Attempts In Learning Stuff... i think i got strategic node edits down in a separate mod, which showed me that i need to work with front lines, land and sea routes but the basic mod structure stuff is mostly down now, so have started to rework on the strategic nodes in Indochina after which the more intensive work on the other stuff can slowly begin after that...
  9. depending on your windows it changes for windows 10 it is: C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 YOUR MOD or whatever\PilotData you need to find it directly in the root as win10 does not show this in the documents folder
  10. the reason i need to use the terrain editor is to be able to get reliable coordinates for strategic node/ points that are not already in the game(or in the cities list). Basically, the engine was designed for conventional warfare, Indochina and Vietnam where both heavily guerrilla and asymmetrical and to best emulate that i think we will need a lot of nodes and a lot of small units from battalion size and upwards to be spread out over the map. This will help dilute french and Vietminh strength so that the ground conflict and ground interactions from all units can be intensified (in comparison to WOV where units are basically static) so that the campaign also wont just be the same few areas over and over again that are interacted with as that could lead to a very boring campaign. my experience so far with terrain editing and everything else is very limited as I am very new to modding sf2 so your and everyone else's advice is very very much appreciated in essence, i wanted the nodes to correlate to a map like this one: or something like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejq0e51qqchwrja/txu-oclc-1092889-78334-8-70.jpg?dl=0 which have a lot of roads and trails which units can follow and a lot of cities to fight over
  11. well, so far no joy on finding a good OOB for the Vietminh forces, have some maps that detail their control from 46 on wards so that is at least a somewhat good start... so if any one of you have access to any form of OOB for the vietminh forces i would appreciate that quite a lot, if not, i will just have to apply a bit of fancy magic and creativity to it ^^,
  12. https://discord.gg/59GDmHG made a discord group if anyone is interested in joining the mod making... ^^, my plan for the next little while is to get the main campaign up and running, that being the 46 to 56(ish) campaign and maybe do a quick little 45-46 Operation Masterdom with mockup units from the base game(p-51s and t-34s) to test out how the strategic nodes work
  13. The COIN War

    looks very very awesome! looking forward to trying this ^^,

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