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Yes....have been using TiR since TiR 3

Takes a while to get used to but once you do the ability to look around with your head opens up more of the 3D world especially regarding dogfighting.

Have not used any other head trackers like this (I have VR as well)

Tip with TiR best to place the sensor so it doesn't look direct at windows (even then you need thick curtains or blackouts in some cases)










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Getting a TrackIR 5 is the thing that lead me to finding out about the Strike Fighters series in the first place. I had not touched a non Sci-Fi flight sim for years before getting my TrackIR in 2009. I consider it a must have for flight simming.

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TIR5 and Windows 10 here too. No issue and I wouldn't play SF2 without it. It's quite expensive, but well worth it once you get used to the head motion.

Here is the list of games I use it for so you can see that the high cost pays for itself with the large amount of games I can use it with:


Rise of Flight

IL2 1946

IL2 Great Battles

Cliffs of Dover

Wings Over Flanders Fields

Train Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator 2

American Truck Simulator


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