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  1. Spring is time for backups

    I have one of those small portable SSD's that I use with the free AOMEI Backupper to make backups of my drives. It has saved me more than one once when I accidentally deleted something or when my HDD died on me three years ago.
  2. The Drop Tank Dilemma

    Many thanks for this interesting article. When flying SF2, I keep forgetting to drop them if I engage in air to air combat.
  3. I'm on Windows 7 64-bit and I've had that happy a few times as well.
  4. Falcon 4.0 today: The Campaign

    I am thinking exactly the same. Very tempted to get Falcon 4 BMS, but I'm afraid it'll be more frustrating than fun for myself.
  5. Thanks for the replies. The reason I asked was that some of the great campaign addons located here recommend some of the DLC's be installed for extra aircraft. So I guess I'll buy DLC's as I need them for any addons.
  6. Sheesh! Bad grammar on my part! Wouldn't mind scooping up a bunch of DLC's...
  7. Wonder mind scooping up a bunch of DLC's, but here in Canada it's almost a 30% premier on USD-CAD conversion. Not that the DLC's are pricey, but before I buy one or two of them, I wonder if TW ever has sales on the DLC's? I see that SF2 itself is 10% off.
  8. Thanks for the post, Sky High. I did make a backup copy of my July 2012 install just in case I want to drop back down to it without the campaign customizer, of course.
  9. I finally patched my SF2 to the 2013 patch and successfully installed the campaign customizer which is great. Sorry, I certainly didn't mean to cause a stir here with my posts.
  10. I'm just saying what other people have posted about the patch levels and which to stay about. Something about the AI not using external ECM pods and flares with the latest patch? I happened to come across some threads as I was installing SF2. I would be happy if I could patch it to the 2013 patch and not wonder about what these threads said as I humbly defer to those with way more SF2 experience than me. https://combatace.com/forums/topic/91071-which-patch-is-best/
  11. I've emailed TW support asking if they have the July 2012 setup file available, but I'm not hopeful they will reply. I think I might have just wasted $7 as I don't want to go to the July 2013 patch from what I've read on this forum.
  12. Thanks for the post, Snailman. Unfortunately it seems that placing the DLC file from the customizer into the DLC folder and also the campagincustomscreen.dll into the Menu folder produces an error in SF2 when I try to customize a campaign. Trying to install the customizer the normal way says that my SF2 is at the wrong version and to update it to July 2013.
  13. Hello, I have my SF2 install set to the July 2012 patch and wouldn't mind buying the Campaign Customizer DLC. But I am worried that installing the customizer DLC may update SF2 to the latest patch. I read about extracting the files from other DLC's using WinRAR and just copying the .DLC file to SF2's DLC folder which seems to work according to posters. Can the same be done with the Campaign Customizer DLC? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the replies. It's nice to read other people's opinions. I just love SF2. I'm just sorry I missed so many years of playing it since it first was released.
  15. Having planed SF2V for about a month now and using the excellent Air & Ground War Expansion Pack, I was wondering what experience players tell their wingman to do when on a strike mission. Do you go in yourself and bomb the main target without ordering your wingman to do anything? I've been targeting the main target and then telling my wingman to "Attack my Target" and most of the time he gets in there before I can drop my bombs and he gets the kill. I usually end up dropping my bombs too late to destroy the main target. Maybe I should be just going in myself to hit the target and then only if I miss then I should give my wingman the order to "Attack my Target"? Would like to know what others are doing with it comes to strike missions and who bombs the main target: you or your wingman? Thanks.

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