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Can someone do a cockpit for SU-25T/SM with better Shkval/Mercury display resolution?

Thank you.



SU25T 2.jpg

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    • By Spinoee
      Is the Mirage Factory team able to make a proper cockpit for their F-14D mod?  I love the fact that they have put so much effort into making the F-14 Superpack as realistic as is possible within SF2, except for the F-14D cockpit.  It appears to use the exact same pit as the F-14B, even though the Super Tomcat had some of its gauges rearranged to allow for 2 MFDs.
          At left is what is currently included.           
      At right is what the real F-14D Cockpit looked like.  I don't know if TMF has anything like this in the works, but if not, I just wanted to remind them (i'm sure they already know given the realism of the other F-14 variants).
    • By FETCH2015
      A closer view of the F-22 HUD used in the OPERATION DARIUS Add-On.
    • By FETCH2015
      screenshot of the F-22 Cockpit used in the Operation Darius Add-On.
    • By Pepelev
      Hello all!!!! 
      So I'm building my picture/model collection of the Fitter family, however I can't find anywhere any references for the Su-17M2 cockpit!! Was it all grey? Or black panel and grey like the M? The sole picture I have is from a wall poster, I'll add it below. If anyone has a genuine picture of a Su-17 M2 cockpit I'd greatly appreciate it.

      This is the only "picture" of a Su-17M2 cockpit I can find anywhere!!! Only I don't trust it!! 

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