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Enemy planes won't fight...

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What kind of aircraft are you talking about? Most likely, they are simply unarmed (your files lack offensive weapons for these planes) .

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8 hours ago, amariani said:

:dntknw: any ideas why?

- Look into data.ini, if wings are supporting air-to-air missile

- Make sure you HAVE those weapons in weapons folder

- Check the loadout.ini file to make sure the A.I. plane loads air-to-air weapons

- Check the syntax in loadout.ini and data.ini files. One letter written wrong can mean an empty wing.

- Make sure the plane's country is correct.

- Make sure the plane has the correct COUNTRY attachment type

- Make sure that A.I. can use the air-to-air weapons (some missile are not exported, make sure the export is checked and the export data interval correspond with the plane's life data)

- Make sure the stations ID, in data.ini have the right number. If you have the same numbers on different wings, the loadout.ini won't load them.

- Make sure you don't have restrictions on wings (length, weight, diameter etc). If the missile is longer, for instance, than it is written/allowed on the wing, game won't load it.

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