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Gloster Javelin Pilot interview

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The Gloster Javelin was the world’s first twin-jet delta-wing fighter. It was the Royal Air Force’s best interceptor of the 1950s, and was almost brilliant. It did what it was asked to do. It was a large heavily armed (albeit subsonic), day-night all-weather fighter. Unfortunately, the opposition moved the goals by developing air-launched stand-off missiles, requiring the sort of high-speed interceptor performance that simply could not be delivered by the Javelin. We spoke to former Javelin pilot Peter Day to find out if it deserved its bad reputation.

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I always loved the Flatiron, it was so futuristic and "space agey " looking, I used to see them quite a lot as a kid, as I lived on an RAF station and they used to fly in to Lyneham all the time , in fact we used to see all sorts of aircraft on a regular basis, including Hunters, and even the occasional Venom , and quite common also were Iraqi "cubs" that used to fly in as well , those were the glory days of aviation, and airshows were amazing, as no health and saftey nazis existed at the time , so you always felt up close and personal with the magical machines in service at the time.

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