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I'm back! Trying to get up to date

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After a few years in which i have been kind of busy, having now put my life in order (more or less) i can spend  more time on the hobby, which i've been missing. So hi to all the Old Guard, and nice to see all the new ones. 

What's new on the game? I had presumed it more or less dead, but after getting the complete edition, i saw there is an update expected for Win 10. Anything on what is planned or expected?

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Glad to see you back mate!

Not much regarding TK, maybe we will get the Win10 patch, but don't cross your fingers waiting for a surprise.

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welcome back! you done falling out of airplanes, or is my memory screwier than usual? :biggrin:

theres a good chunk going on in the active modder world, although alot fewer 3D folks are active now

as to the win10 update, im beginning to think its the reboot of SF3......

not to totally to toot my own horn, you might be interested in the SAC Twilight series, skin and ini updates to all of the bombers focusing on 1988 thru 1992 era.

and a buncha these for christmas


eda t19.jpg

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Yes, i got kicked out of the unit after i messed up my collarbone a bit, but got back on track and I'm back on NCO/WO training as an Electronics Specialist (it is going to be hard). I could still get a slot back in the unit once i graduate and get back to jumping, but i would be mostly in charge of a maintenance workshop fixing radios, NVGs and stuff.

That Herc is looking great, still my greatest real life Hate-Love affair with aviation. Kind of nostalgic having them replaced with A-400Ms. 

I might PM you about the F-4J_74 by the way, I made a Northern Sabre campaign back in the day just to play with them. While i didn't include the mod in the pack itself, i had a couple of edits done wich might be interesting.

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