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WKCU now concludes our broadcast day

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well, its 99.9999% official, i will be moving to Goldsboro NC next weekend. most of the processes are started already; utility deposits made, household packing out.

And internet cutting off tomorrow. Suddenlink wont allow 5 days of service and im not paying $89 for those 5 days only.  not totally going away, still have my phone and internet in the new place is one of the provided commodities.

meanwhile, im signing off for now. fast forward to 1:25 for mid 80s USAF aircraft porn, complete with poor VHS squiggly video :lol:


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My favorite sign-off is from the 1960s. Very rarely got to stay up long enough to see it. 

still probably the best version

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Wrench's sign off used the sonnet "High Flight" written by John Magee a poet and aviator of the Royal Canadian Air Force while stationed at RAF Llandow in 1941, he died a short 3 months later in a mid-air collision over Lincolnshire. Ronald Reagan's writer, Peggy Noonan, at the time of the NASA Challenger accident used this sonnet incorrectly but it still became one of President Reagan's most notable addresses.


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