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F-4E /F /G Smiths Industries Fuel Indicator

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i finaly found a picture of the " Smiths  Industries Combination  Counter-Sector Fuel Quantity Indicator " that shows at least some part of the display , it is on ebay.com and i contacted the guy who sells it there if it would be possible to get a picture with power on , unfortunately he can not do it because he does not have the electrical layout for the connection  , so i took the picture and made a negative of it and played a bit around with the setting and finally i got what i wanted a picture that shows the screen , it is not very detailed but good enough to make the indicator in 3ds max

my first model was a bit more colorful the second is back to green , but now i wonder in the cockpit pictures from the F-4F and F-4G the indicator has a dark blue glas so may be i´m wrong with the green , so here my question is still somebody around here that worked or flew the F-4F or F-4G and knows this particular indicator and can tell me what colors it actually shows ???

i have to add that the indicator has a liquid crystal display ( LCD-Display )

i have to add that i´m searching since years for pictures or a drawing or any other info and found nothing , if anybody has more and better info please contact me

any help is welcome 

this is how it looks in the cockpit with a dark blue glas



that is what i found on ebay.com including the negative i made from the original




that is what i have about the indicator in the F-4G flight manual



and that is what i could made in 3ds max



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I mean I can't help you (I sorely wish I could), but that's some good work so far though.

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just posted in a FB group (dont ask why i didnt think of it before).

odds arent great that it'll get a hit, but better than not asking

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