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  1. They are made of anti-matter! The future is here muahahaha
  2. Yes I have for each one of the 28 turrets this lines: [Gunner01] SystemType=GUNNER_STATION SeatID=3 GunnerID=1 PilotModelName= SetCockpitPosition=FALSE ShowPilot=FALSE Position=33.276,305.78,28.51 MinExtentPosition=30.142,301.251,25.226 MaxExtentPosition=36.411,307.52,30.36 PitchModelNodeName=TurretBarrell01 YawModelNodeName=TurretHull01 GunRange=10000 GunnerFireChance=100 GunnerFireTime=4.8 GunnerAimOffset=0.08 GunnerAimAccuracy=100 PitchAngleRate=45 MaxPitch=70 MinPitch=0 DefaultPitchAngle=25 YawLimited=TRUE YawAngleRate=50 MaxYaw=130 MinYaw=-60 DefaultYawAngle=0 [Turret01L] SystemType=FLEXIBLE_GUN GunTypeName=30MM_GAUSS GunnerID=1 MuzzlePosition=33.925,311.9,28.51 MaxAmmo=3000 TracerLoading=1 BurstAmount=10 MinExtentPosition=30.142,301.251,25.226 MaxExtentPosition=36.411,307.52,30.36 [Turret01R] SystemType=FLEXIBLE_GUN GunTypeName=30MM_GAUSS GunnerID=1 MuzzlePosition=32.617,311.9,28.51 MaxAmmo=3000 TracerLoading=1 BurstAmount=10 MinExtentPosition=30.142,301.251,25.226 MaxExtentPosition=36.411,307.52,30.36 And actually I realised that the commands I asked are not in the gunners code hahahaha The problem is that, they bullets looks that they follow a path more less parallel to the line between the center of the ship and the target, but the cannon is way far from the center of the battle cruiser (we are talking 100+ meters away) so I would say that this is a problem of offset, like I guess, large warships have also isn't it? I will do a sketch of this hahaha The bullet tracers should be going to hit the fighter jet in this picture, but they miss like a loooot
  3. Hey guys, I wanted to know if how large objects like warships compensate the offsets of their AA guns. I am sick and tired of not hitting small targets with the battlecruiser. It barely shot down a pair of Tu-95 from an entire squadron of 12! I don't know if commands like RangeFinder or BallisticComputer have an impact on the gunner, or maybe fire control radars have some utility. This is how good at aiming are those cannons, and I just checked, one cannot put flaks on the ship, they don't work...
  4. Okay, I made my first test. I took the 40MM_L60 Bofors cannon from a M42, and I changed the following line in the GunData: WarheadWt=9.0 to WarheadWt=99999999.479980 What do you think it happened when A-10 went to hunt down two M42 in the middle of the desert? ... Yaaaaaaay, Nuclear rounds!! Also I tried setting tailgunners to shot flaks but appearently it didn't work, is it as easy as setting true to TimeFuzed? May be I am missing out something...
  5. I love air to air missiles with nukes, that is why I filled the battlecruiser with 16 of them hahaha, I remember myself a bunch of years ago playing with the nuclear falcon in WOE, it was great shooting down entire squadrons at once! I will!
  6. Now I want to do experiments with this, would a flak explosion match a nuke if I put a freaking lot of tons of explosives per round? If I turn into flak the 56 cannos of the battlecruiser, would it shoot down at least one fighter? Who knows, it could be the rebirth of the flak as the deadliest of all!
  7. Exactly, that is how I feel about flak too, if there are flaks near me I just think...not going to waste a Maverick on that thing... hahahaha
  8. Hello everyone, I have always wondered how the flak cannons works within the game, I mean, I have seen a lot of times the fire of M-42 or ZSU-52, but I think they have never shot me down with the flak fire. (Well I have played basically with jets all my life, it might be more effective with several big a slow targets like a squadron of B-17) So basically, do they work? can you receive damage from a flak explosion? does it have a blast radius or something? on which parameters depends the force/size of that blast? I want to use it because I recently started watching Battle Star Galactica and I was thinking in adding some flaks to the battlecruiser to compensate for the poor AI aiming (almost inexistant because of the incredibly huge gun offsets) Thank you!
  9. Hi there! I learned by watching this tutorial, it explains the installation procedure. Basically you have to enable the button inside 3ds max.
  10. Just as the operation Desert Thunder began, the confident and proud forces of Dhimar and USA launch into the battlefield over Paran. An enormus aluminium cloud composed by F-4s, A-4s and B-57 crossed the frontline to bomb the heart of Parans military infrastructure, not knowing what was waiting for them... Within minutes, all squadrons that didn't drawn quickly from the strike, dissapeared from the radar. Those who managed to return to allied soil witnessed enormus explosions, planes vanishing... After hearing what intelligence reports had to say, a new installarion of extraordinary cannons was built deep in Paran soil, cappable of accelerating rounds to enormus speeds and tear down any air unit in a 80km range. Something must be done about it if they want to win the war... Thats what happened when I put this experiment in the desert terrain and played a campaign hahaha. Here is more footage of it for the ace combat fans:
  11. It is very interesting, and after seing it I wonder, is it possible to have a weapon to simulate in SF2 an electromagnetic attack? any type of warhead that makes the enemy lose control of their aircraft without looking conventionaly damaged or something Particle accelerators and ion cannons added to the list!
  12. Me alegra ver tanto hispanoparlante por aquí / I'm glad to see so many spanish-speaking people around here Me gustaría que me explicaras más a fondo cómo lo has hecho, yo he intentado usar trenes de aterrizaje invisibles para que el avión "caiga" hasta la posición vertical en la pista pero al final se cae hacia atrás y además rebota un montón jajaja. Sin embargo, haciendo esto todo el escuadrón despega a la vez. Y tu ingles está bastante bien! I would like you to explain me in more detail how have you done this, I have tried to use invisible landing gears so that the plane "falls" into the vertical position on the runway, but in the end it falls backwards and also bouncing a lot hahaha. However by doing this all the squadron takes-off at the same time. And your english is pretty good! Si esto funcionara bien molaria tener varias plataformas de aterrizaje y despegue en lugar de una pista... como en las bases que quiere hacer SpaceX en Marte If this worked, it would be cool to have several landing/take off platforms instead of a runway... like the bases that SpaceX wants to build on Mars
  13. Hello everyone, I started making the landing gear since it is impossible to take off vertically, I found myself a little bit uninspired to make the landing gear of a lunar craft but I finally made it. How it looks like people? Also it would not make sense to retract the landing gear in the Moon without atmosphere, though I thought it is cool anyways hahaha
  14. Malkovitch ALWAYS steals the show hahaha
  15. Oh my god hahahaha, I am waiting to finish another show to start this one, I can't wait to see it!!

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