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  1. It is very interesting, and after seing it I wonder, is it possible to have a weapon to simulate in SF2 an electromagnetic attack? any type of warhead that makes the enemy lose control of their aircraft without looking conventionaly damaged or something Particle accelerators and ion cannons added to the list!
  2. Me alegra ver tanto hispanoparlante por aquí / I'm glad to see so many spanish-speaking people around here Me gustaría que me explicaras más a fondo cómo lo has hecho, yo he intentado usar trenes de aterrizaje invisibles para que el avión "caiga" hasta la posición vertical en la pista pero al final se cae hacia atrás y además rebota un montón jajaja. Sin embargo, haciendo esto todo el escuadrón despega a la vez. Y tu ingles está bastante bien! I would like you to explain me in more detail how have you done this, I have tried to use invisible landing gears so that the plane "falls" into the vertical position on the runway, but in the end it falls backwards and also bouncing a lot hahaha. However by doing this all the squadron takes-off at the same time. And your english is pretty good! Si esto funcionara bien molaria tener varias plataformas de aterrizaje y despegue en lugar de una pista... como en las bases que quiere hacer SpaceX en Marte If this worked, it would be cool to have several landing/take off platforms instead of a runway... like the bases that SpaceX wants to build on Mars
  3. Hello everyone, I started making the landing gear since it is impossible to take off vertically, I found myself a little bit uninspired to make the landing gear of a lunar craft but I finally made it. How it looks like people? Also it would not make sense to retract the landing gear in the Moon without atmosphere, though I thought it is cool anyways hahaha
  4. Malkovitch ALWAYS steals the show hahaha
  5. Oh my god hahahaha, I am waiting to finish another show to start this one, I can't wait to see it!!
  6. I was thinking in some advanced propulsion system or nuclear power generation, turrets and pylons and maybe a spacecraft with a very powerful laser turret that needs to deploy huge solar arrays or something. As you can see there is a lot of possibilities here. I should also investigate how it would look like a landing gear since I think, vertical take off without thrust vectoring is impossible hahahahah
  7. That thing is GREAT, I was thinking about doing a Soyuz-like counterpart for the other side and this spacecraft will give a lot of inspiration!
  8. I think, as long as the direction of the recoil force is alligned and near the major axis of the craft, that would be no problem because it would generate little to no angular momentum and the force is countered by the main engines. I really like the idea of the tactical nukes used in this way, could be a good antiship missile. Which brings me to a question I had for a long time: ¿Is it possible to have air-to-air cruise missiles in SF2NA? It would be great to see point defense gatlings in action like those in The Expanse! And, yes I have some ideas of dedicated service modules for the weapons, I think I have some sketches anywhere. However I would like to work a little in this tiny bird to see it finished, and then make larger versions :)
  9. Of course! it would be very easy to use, in fact I should make a softened version (not the hyper powerful doomlaser that is the TLS). I guess we could argue that the laser is limited in power and duration because of limited power generation. It can be used also in AAA! Yes it is true, maybe a centerlined cannon mounted in the main axis of the ship could be a solution to this, so that the main engine compesate the force. In fact, spinal heavy cannon in more futuristic spacecrafts could be cool too! All said, I think laser would take the role of guns, they are "cheap" to shoot and they do not dissipate as much as with atmosphere. In fact, I was thinking that any kinetic gun must have an invisible tracer hahaha, that would be weird. I have been thinking, while creating the TLS, which is basically a tracer effect, that it could be possible to assign a missile effect or something like that to bullets, giving an opportunity to make some cool plasma volley effects for futuristic plasma guns (although it would take more resources from the game engine) Very good insights by the way! :)
  10. Hahahah that would be great, I can also imagine the Starship as a big freaking bomber! or packed with lots of torpedoes or turrets. Also I imagine Souzes with chinese spacecraft fighting against USA-EU forces!
  11. Well guys, I just "finished" this thing (except for the cockpit, which I have never done before, the pilots and the flight model to flight different from an A-4), as you can see there is some AIM-9 floting near the module and after some test dogfights to see how it looks, I was wondering how should this spacecraft be weaponised for a fictional first space war. That is what I want to ask you people! Do you hace any idea of how a first space fighter would be? based on the real Orion capsule that I just made The weapons for me would be the same as they were in their first Earth versions, for examples a space torpedo or missile would be at first as clumsy and unreliable as the first Sidewinders that went into service. Maybe the guns could be also very limited as they have to use magnetic acceleration instead of gunpowder. Maybe the first torpedos have no warhead as its sheer velocity reached without atmosphere is enough to destroy small crafts. I would like to hear your creative ideas of the first space weapons and where it could be fitted into the spacecraft! :)
  12. Whats up guys? I am currently waiting here in Spain for the DEMO-2 mission to lift off (hopefully it won't be postponed again hahahaha). I have finally introduced my unfinished Orion MPCV into the simulator with the flight model of an A-4 (but in very low gravity and with afterburner). This could be the first What-If fighter of the new United States Space Force hahahaha. I still have to finish the textures as you can see but they are almost done. Also I should design some "realistic" pylons for torpedoes and a gun (which should also be created, like a kind of AIM-9B of this new era). The solar panel arrays can be deployed and they do with the landing gear retraction command (so the spacecraft should appear landed with them retracted and deploy once in the "air"). I don't know how I am going to solve the landing gear issue, because the most realistic thing to do is appear vertically oriented in the runway (like the POGO) but this mechanic is very problematic, not to say impossible. Therefore I have to design a horizontal landing gear system or something. I also want to make effects for the RCS thrusters, I have already checked that because of the limitation of the game engine, there is no chance of linking an engine and the thruster effects with the roll/yaw/pitch inputs as the input for the normal engines only reads positive values (which means you could only trigger the effects turning in positive angles of roll/yaw/pitch and not the opposite). Unfortunately the control thrusters, like the one used in every VTOL, don't allow thruster effects. Sooooo the only aesthetic solution I found is trying to make thruster effects that triggers randomly (trying somehow to dissable the emision for some seconds in the Effect.INI and keeping all the RCS online during the flight, I will make some tests). Obviously, in this way, the control thrusters will be appearing but they will have nothing to do with your commands hahahaha. Well I leave you with some nice pics of the beginning of the lunar warfare! As I write, they have given the go ahead to load the fuel on the Crew Dragon, so enjoy!
  13. Hey guys! I am one step closer to make the space fighter based on the Orion capsule. Our engineers and scientists had already made the first orbital tests of this capsule and they have already retrieved it from the waters of Dhimar! (By the way thanks a lot for all the skinning tips and examples, specially to russouk2004 ) I will start now with the following service modules!
  14. Finally I decided to continue making the map despite the distorsions, after making some quick tries of your ideas. This is how it got after a long skinning session yesterday (which I feel very proud of). Today I tried the relax tool but I did not get the results I expected (it messed up all the existing map), well I definetly don't understand how it works so I'd better search some tutorials, I'm a beginner in the skinning world hahaha You can see the distortions in the red marks. There are other imperfections but I guess they are inevitable at some point.
  15. I have realised that the distortion happens in the space between edges, which is planar not curved. In this case, every time a fuselage line goes along an edge it is straight without any distortion. Unfortunatelly I realised that too late to start again putting more and more edges hahaha. I will try mapping by segments, lets see if I can at least have the gate and the windows straight. Thanks!

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