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  1. Merry Christmass people, In about an hour the James Webb Telescope will be launched into deep space from French Guiana! This launch is definetely a big deal in terms of space exploration
  2. Also think that the flow of hot air coming out of a reactor engine is for sure much greater than the one in a piston engine. Think that the F-18 engine, the General Electric F414 expels 77,1 kg/s of hot air which means a long trail of hot gas behind the plane specially if AB are used, I guess that could also give more precision to IR missiles when chasing reactors.
  3. What kind of magic is this and how can I get my hands on it???
  4. Well little by little we are moving further to develop spurt bombs an other advanced weaponry! By now we can greet the Orion's bigger brothers, the extended range Orion and the "Apollo-class starfighter"
  5. SF2 Moon Conflict

    Album of the Moon warfare for Strike Fighters 2
  6. I don't know the reference buuuuut it is still on my list of weapons devices and instruments to add to a spacecraft
  7. The Space Force is working again, introducing the Space Intercept Missile - SIM-9A Spacewinder with a larger vacuum adapted nozzle and a powerful reactive control system:
  8. Ahoy guys! I have a quick question that I cannot answer after reading a bunch of effects.INIs, it there a possibility of placing an emitter (for the fire effect of a missile) with a position offset?? I only found codes for height offsets but nothing for the other dimensions.
  9. Outer Space Terrains

    Working on this project has been awesome and the terrains are, as always, incredible! I hope to find some more time to continue doing 3D space models for it :)
  10. Battlefield 2042

    Laws of physics, rest in peace...
  11. Be sure to have the pivoting axis well aligned with the turret, and in the position of 0 to all angles, (looking forward) even if it is also a tailgun, because it is going to be the reference position for the angles of the INI. Like this: I oriented the turret the same way for the front and rear ones, then the angles of operations are introduced by the INIs values. Just select your yaw moving part, orient it looking at the front of the aircraft an then select "Align to World". I remember to do that when I worked with turrets. This is the only reason why your problem happen that I can imagine hahaha
  12. I would try writing the angles like this: MaxYaw = 210 MinYaw = 150 Min and Max Yaw defines the beginning and the end of the angle interval respectively, the turret will only move between these two angles, I have been watching some INIs and they could either go positive or negative but it must have the same sign. (In case of negative values that would be: MinYaw = -210; MaxYaw = -150; DefaultYawAngle = -180) As for the orientation of the turret, I don't find anything to explain it unfortunately, I would be curious to see the local axis of the mesh in its default 0 angle possition, maybe it is because of a missalignment between the turret and it own set of axis.
  13. Maybe the problem is in the rest of the Gunners INI data, I can take a look if you want.
  14. The problem is that you want to adjust the Yaw angles of the turret to fit between those points? If so I would measure the limits by moving around the turret in 3ds studio max with the rotation tool, or just try different values of limits that are at the same angular distance to 180 degrees since it looks like a tail turret. Does this answer your question?

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