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  1. P-3C Orion Armada Argentina SF2 -DAT

    me podrías pasar el p 3 porque lo busque por todos lados y no encuentro un avión compatible
  2. [Fictional] McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle 'Argentina'

    It's very good, you would have to make more planes like that
  3. I already solved the problem was that I was missing the F4N
  4. if i use it in SF2 but i might need the dlc
  5. I do not use it in sf2 it is the first time it happens to me
  6. Plane does appear on the list but when I set it to fly the plane is invisible
  7. [Fictional] F/A-18 Argentine Navy Skin

    Could you pass which plane is compatible because I already downloaded several f18s and they are not compatible?

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