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  1. Consolidated Custom Mods Question

    Right, thanks folks! That did explain it there! I've updated my mod order a bit, that's what it looks like right now. Hopefully should work decently and be stable as it currently is. Was a great help!
  2. Hi folks, been gone a while. I am doing a complete updated reinstall of all my mods onto BH&H2 and following instructions I see that for the Consolidated Custom mods install, in particular part 2 of it, that being "Consolidated Periods and CampaignData" there is a requirement to use "WoFF 2 BH&HII - Consolidated Periods Mod by RJW" Now this is all well and good, except there's a slight problem. This part seems to be absolutely absent from thatoneplease (shown on the photo attached), and as far as I can see I've not found it anywhere else. There's a version for PE and UE in the repository, but not the BH&H version. My question is whether something changed in regards to the mod install, or if I somehow missed it, or in the case that it was removed I would like to inquire as to where I could acquire it to make the mod actually work?
  3. Night Flying?

    So I’m curious. I think I’ve asked in the other forum but never really got any answers so I’m curious if anyone here might have any. Do any other aircraft/squadrons other than home defence do night flying/fighting? I’m guessing Gothas do, what about the likes of FE2? I recall hearing they were used as night bombers late into the war. Not sure if that’s in the sim or not though.
  4. It's all gone quiet...

    To be honest, seems like most people are still back on SimHQ.
  5. Books?

    For something that is far more narrow in scope, "Fighting the Flying Circus" by Eddie Rickenbacker himself about his misadventures during the war is rather interesting.
  6. Hi

    Ask and thou shalt receive: https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4449449/1
  7. Hi

    Great review! To be honest sums it up quite right. It's me by the way, the guy from Discord who mentioned BH&H2 to you, if you remember! Totally not shilling anything but if you enjoy writing, got the time for it and want an even more unique experience, check out the DID campaign over at the SimHQ forum for WOFF!
  8. It's uhh, a bit dead unfortunately. Comparing to the WW2 Post Scriptum and modern Squad also being published by OWI, BTW barely gets 100 players on a good day these days. Maybe the update might bring in a bit more people, but as far as I can tell it hasn't really improved all that much in terms of people actually staying consistently.
  9. Was it a HD squadron or are there any frontline ones that do night flights? Out of curiosity.
  10. All the cars crashed, much like our hopes and dreams are being crashed by 2Checkout
  11. And so the wait continues. Any bets from anyone?
  12. As far as I can tell, 2Checkout is based in Georgia state, where Easter Monday ain't a holiday. That being said, I don't think OBD would make a joke out of it when there's so many people expectantly waiting. Winder did say he'd keep us updated, so far obviously nothing but then maybe there's been nothing from 2C either. Just hope this ain't get extended even longer somehow. Either way the delay it seems is entirely on 2C, whatever the reason might be.
  13. I'm sure it'll come... Hopefully... Soon... Maybe... Please

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