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  1. Wow thats great! Is that a model of your own creation starfighter? I took a look at the thrust values in the data ini and doing a bit of math it seems there are in newtons? So i applied the thrust for the upgraded rd9 and the plane is even more fun and can accelerate and climb very well. However I was wondering how exactly is fuel use calculated? I didnt see anything obvious in the ini relating to fiel use other than the minimum fuel flow. Is it calculated automatically based off of thrust and other values? I wanted to make sure the fuel use was in line with the uprated rd9 engines but forgive me i dont know much about turbine engines and how they use fuel and what the values mean. Thank you for your help guys, this plane is turning out to be very fun to fly against technologically superior opponents.
  2. Thank you so much for your help! If everything is ok with crediting the original authors I may upload the addon in a few days once I decide if im going to make a second version.
  3. Oh wow that is really cool! Im surprised ive never heard of this plane. My 3d modelling skills are very poor and I havent used them in a long time so I dont think I am going to make any model edits. Maybe I can use that engine though! I havent edited an engine in sf2 yet though. Btw when reading about the mig19 I noticed that the mig19r had an uprated engine. Does anyone have specs on how much more power that engine made? I was just thinking about ideas for the radar equipped version of this plane focused as more of a fighter/interceptor.
  4. I also made a quick video of me dogfighting some F4s with some music from the area 88 trance cd. I used the time skip command so I had a lot more fuel than I normally would haha.
  5. Hi guys I havent done any modding for Strike Fighters 2 before but I was working on a little something here for personal use and thought id post about it. If there is demand id be happy to release it as long as paulopanz and the people credited in his readme are ok assuming I credit them too? On my facebook I have been running lets plays with some friends in strike fignters 2 where I modify the campaigns (also my first time doing that) and among adding new things use the knownace command to add them as max stat ai pilots in the squadron. We fly a mercenary squadron and everyone picks a plane and I take screenshots and do a write up of everyones exploits for that mission Its been a lot of fun. Ive started working on the campaign for the next one and after discovering all the area 88 skins here I decided to lean into the area 88 inspiration in the mercenary campaigns that and do an area 88 inspired campaign based in early 1980 for the lets play. (the ova shows shins contract dated april 79 iirc) its going to focus mainly on just dhimar and paran duking it out with largely older and outdated planes but with newer missiles available and only a very few modern fighters around like f14, mig23ml, f16a etc. Mostly stuff like mig 17 19 and some 21s, older mirages, f100s and f104s, f8s etc. I got the idea for Paran having a mig19 upgraded in the 70s and thought it could be a fun idea and came up with an upgraded MiG-19S called M-74. It is really just some basic ini edits and compiling stuff into one place but it ended up being a very fun plane to fly. Its essentially a MiG19S with a greatly enhanced fuel capacity, i imagine a long dorsal hump like on the mig21s witn the extra tank up tbere. It has the extra hard points of the Soviet 1960 field mod. It has been updated to be compatible with newer weapons. It can carry R60s and is compatible with the double r60 racks on the outermost pylons. inspired by the what if Dhimari Lightnings I came up with a bit of a story being Paran is looking to upgrade their stocks of outdated MiG19s. At some point someone from Parani air force sees a demonstration of the R60 missile and a deal is hatched where the planes were sent back to the Soviet Union, refurbished, installed with the new fuel tank which also helped with the fuel leak issues for more range and compatbility with new R60 missile as well as the double rack from the MiG23 when it was available. The planes usually carried 2 Atolls and later on in service improved atolls on the innermost pylons for larger targets or longer range but R60 can be carried there as well. The middle pylons were used for the fuel tanks and the outer pylons carried either 1x or 2xR60 missiles. Usually only 1 missile was mounted unless intense air combat was expected. I am thinking about doing a version of this plane for the MiG19P with an improved radar off say a mig21 and compatbility with some of the large SARH missiles like tbe SU15 or MiG25 carries on the outer pylons but im not sure of I can do a major avionics change with my skills and id also have to look if such missiles will even fit haha.
  6. Oh wow, im really stupid. I dont know why but I assumed this was something else, thanks.
  7. Oh man that sounds really cool, its a shame there were issues with him.
  8. My version of the game I had at first had a bug where my keybinds in the menu were different in the ini file. I had to manually edit the ini file. Even after that my guns dont fire with the fire selected weapon key I have to use the fire guns keybind so I would double check your control ini file and see what the control binds are set to, for me the binds were all the wrong option by 4 or 5 slots down.
  9. The multiplayer in sf1/woX was pretty barebones but worked fairly well from what I remember, I cant recall if we did it by ip or through a virtual lan. There was a dogfight mode, I cant remember if it had teams, you could pick nornally not flyable ai planes that would have generic similar cockpits and avionics. You couldnt pick a spawn and loadouts were picked from a general overview based on the planes loadout.ini, not sure if you could change it or if it would have errors based on variances. I also cant remember what would happen if you picked an addon plane the other players didnt have. Then there was a co op mode, I remember we had the full nato fighters mod and some other stuff installed so modded content worked fine. At first it didnt run very well on the germany map but when we tried addon terrains like israel it ran great. You would choose your planes, im guessing the host chose a year too but I cant totally remember. Sadly you didnt start on the ground you spawned over your airbase however you could land at the end without issue. Again when you chose a loadout you didnt get to choose each pylon just a general idea I think it was like guns only, guns and missiles, and guns and missiles long range or something like that? Maybe more detailed, again maybe you could fine tune the loadouts.ini. It was essentially the single mission random mission generator with the ability to play with up to 8 people. I remember having a lot of fun with it actually and if you could stand going back to sfp1 theres no reason you couldnt play it today I dont think. If you look up the video "wings over 88" on youtube I think some of the shots were done in mp with my friend and I. It was pretty barebones so im not sure why it got removed, the same goes for the Snoopy FAC planes on CAS missions, it was a really nice bit of immersion to have cessnas and i think even Broncos with addons out there calling targets for you even if it didnt make a huge difference in gameplay, again it would be nice if tk let us know what the issues were as to why it was removed. All we can do is hope someday tk releases all the source codes and we end up with a community dedicated enough to build up off of it at that point unless tk has some sort of slow burn project.
  10. I played sf1s multiplayer a few times with friends years ago, it was fun once we discovered what terrains worked well I wish it wasnt removed, it wasnt amazing but it was fun to mess around with.
  11. Ah that really sucks, thanks for your help. Is there a way to change the text colour so that a warning focused on me is a different colour from yellow and the rest of the squad is yellow? Even that would make a big difference. And yeah I encountered something similar this morning when I got a 2 is bingo fuel after 2 was shot down unless 3 had moved up to take their place but idt it works that way
  12. That may have been it, there is also another one that says it adds the planes number before they make missile or sam calls. I am at work right now so I cant test these to see if they work on sf2. Im thinking about trying to mess with it myself, I guess I would modify the speechsystem.ini ? Is it possible to just make it so that when the ai gives a break command it shows who the command is "targeted" at? And that the ai always call their number before for example bingo fuel or taking damage? Because right now you sort of just have to assume everyone is talking about you haha.
  13. Hi guys, my memory may be bad but I swear back in the WoE days I had a mod that gave more detail to the radio calls in your squadron. It did something like said what unit was making the call or gave you a clock position or something. Sorry for being so vague but I remember having something like this and cant find anything similar in the sf2 section unless im looking in the wrong place. It would be very nice that if someone calls a missile launch or break to at least have an idea who is calling it.
  14. Thank you so much! I created a 32bit image in gimp and pasted my tga into it and exported and it works great. I know its not realistic at all and kinda silly but im a big Dragon Quest fan so I wanted to use my favorite monster and demon as a logo for my mercenary squadron. The campaign editor is very cool being able to name your squadron and set their preferred aircraft and skin. Really cool to see the tarmac populated with all these Drakens. I based it off a skin I downloaded but dont have any intent to release it as its just to test the decal.
  15. Hey guys ive been flying my first serious campaign upon returning to the game as in the past I mostly just did single missions or used the mission editor. Ive been flying the mercenary campaigns and I wanted to make some decals on my plane for my own little squadron logo just for personal use. So I took the custom skin I downloaded and began messing with it a little bit and finding out how the decals and ini work. This plane I wanted to replace its squadron logo and some of its custom fictional country logos to show the mercenary logo and my custom decal. Getting a few changed to insignia was easy but when I swapped my decal in it wasnt transparent and the black background covered large chunks of the plane. I was having trouble getting the transparancy to work or finding an alpha channel setting on the ligntweight image editor I have installed at the morning so I sent it to a friend, he sent me a tga with a transparant background I needed but it doesnt appear ingame that location is just not shown. I tried resaving the image as a tga again which flattened it which made it appear but with all the black. I tried keeping the image as a png that it started as with transparency and just changed the canvas size to match the decal I was using as an example but it didnt appear either im guessing png isnt supported. Now before I start downloading new programs and stuff I thought id find out exactly what the game wants, its been years since I messed with textures but im guessing its an alpha channel thing that I remember games back when I was a kid using for transparency? I checked the knowledge base on my break at work here and didnt find anything specific so sorry if this is a double post just wondering how to make my decals background transparent. Thank you!

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