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  1. sorry! the problem was with the vanilla cargo ship and every other 3rd party or vanilla cargo/tanker ship, I uninstalled all 5 merged games and re-installed them and the problem was gone...maybe there was something with some 3rd party weapons that came with add-on aircraft, I can't tell exactly what could've been but it is solved! so thanks everyone for the tips and help!
  2. Just tried with the vanilla weapons, they still cant be damaged. Maybe i will try reinstalling the game completely and see if it works
  3. I putted them manually with mission Editor but I am getting the same problem, I will try with the vanilla bombs tip to see if it works!
  4. I've been having a problem with all types of cargo (only cargo) ships at the moment of attacking them with bombs, rockets, etc. They cannot be damaged, I tried all types of bombs, airplanes, etc and the problem persist. It only happens with cargo ships of every kind, but aircraft carriers or any military ship are working well for me. Let me know if you know what can this problem be or what can be causing it! Thanks!
  5. Welp just tried with the spacebar but it didnt worked, im starting to think that maybe guns got deleted somehow from Weapons folder...
  6. It happens on all aircraft (a-7, f-14, mod f-14, etc), it allows me to change the gun ammo and i can select the guns in flight, but when i press the trigger on my joystick it does not shoot. I tried resetting the key bindings but it didnt worked.
  7. Hey guys! i am having a little problem with SF2:NA, the internal guns and other weapons of every aircraft are not working, they simply dont shoot. I dont know what can be happening, so if anyone knows how to solve it please tell me.
  8. hey how do i extract the ICELANDNA_NATIONS.INI file? Btw, nice mod!
  9. nice map! can you make one of Buenos Aires province, Argentina please? i would love to have that map in SF2
  10. Dassault Super Etendard Modernisé Armada Argentina

    La verdad no sabria decirte lo del canberra... Ah y el etendard de malvinas no te va a funcionar con este skin porque esta basado en el de denissoliveira que es diferente
  11. Dassault Super Etendard Modernisé Armada Argentina

    Ah igualmente si tenes el super etendard de denissoliveira no hace falta que descargues el modelo del avion, solo bajate la skin en ese caso
  12. Dassault Super Etendard Modernisé Armada Argentina

    Sip jajaj perdoname me olvide de armarlo en carpetas para que sea mas facil!
  13. Dassault Super Etendard Modernisé Armada Argentina

    pero te juro que el skin lo hice yo, como te digo, puede ser parecido al tuyo pero yo literalmente ni te conocia cuando hice el skin...

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