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  1. Cold Starts

    Thanks for all of the replies but i am still stuck. I have FSX and i checked all the options in the settings and other menus but to no avail. Hopefully someone has the answer.
  2. Cold Starts

    Hi there everybody, i was wondering how to get your airplane to be completely off when the sim starts. Everytime i fly in free flight the plane is already up and running. I would really like to get the aircraft running on its own.
  3. The Person Below Me

    False. Im a BVR person. Makes my job easier. The person below me wears pink because he believes society has accepted it as the new blue.
  4. Cool pic. that should be in the screenshot of the month.
  5. WOI Help?

    Oh ok, so where are the stock weapons held then?
  6. I've been trying to locate the weapons folder in the WOI directories but seem unable to do so. I am running the game on Vista and checked the compatability files area and still nothing. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  7. CA Subscriptions

    Wow, this if the first time i've heard of this thread. I am also not rich but i can give what i can afford. Since i do download the good stuff from here, where do i signup?
  8. finally home after a week in a settlement

    the dish in the background on the right looks like a dish that we have down here called lomi salmon.
  9. 2 Cobra pilots died yesterday...

    Damn thats sad. May they rest in peace.
  10. And here we go...

    Gotta admit that was a pretty catchy rap.
  11. ahh yes that worked. Thank you very much
  12. Sept 11th 2001

  13. And here we go...

    The whole big bang theory is retarded anyway. If there is any danger i'll bet it would just be at the test site where they could all vaporize themselves while doing there stupid test. If the big bang theory is true then why not just pile all the lumber and stuff it takes to make a house onto some explosives blow it up and expect to see a fully assembled house after that. Doomsday people are retarded also they need to get real.

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