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  1. I just made a shortcut to LOMAC on the desktop and renamed it to Lock On Speed. Then did the change to it. So now I have 2 shortcuts on the desktop.
  2. Well I tried it and picked up a few. When flying low to the ground and passing into smoke from ground fires my FPS would drop to about 9-10. Now with this tip I can do the same and FPS hover about 22. Good job GhostDog.
  3. I have found that you need to place the attack waypoint far enough back to give the AI time to plan his attack. This is a case testing and re-testing your mission. B)
  4. I do a lot of reading of the fourms and post now and then. But as of late I have tried to stay of the LOMAC board at Ubi due to the hot tempers of some of its members. Snapple your right. Man can some of those people cry. It must be there age or something. Yea Im disapointed to, but hey its there company and money. All we can do is sit back and relax.
  5. Hot and humid here in Michigan. Little rain and we sure could have used it.
  6. PhantomWarrior's Death - Or Not? PLEASE READ!!

    Ranger...I spent 12 years in the USMC before being given a medical for a parachute accident. Im minus 5 close and I mean real close friends (Lebonon bombing). From the facts that I have seen, you are a wantabe. You need to grow up and fast.
  7. You Killing me MadJeff...... :( But keep them coming...
  8. Just think now if you eject you could land in the middle of a large land battle.
  9. Not that I think I know anything about making mods, but why can't the carrier be made like a new aircraft. With a very low top speed and I don't know if it could be done, but a limited alt. of 0. This way it would be frendly and could be place by mission builder where they need it. Just a thought. :D
  10. Great info...now at least Im hitting more targets than the AIs. Thanks.
  11. OK all you mission building ace's....teach us the way its done.... :D
  12. Sal if you could take the map with base's and such. Load it into you editor and bam....we have a great start. :D
  13. Deuce not that I know anything about how to do anything but make big holes in the ground. There must be a line of code or something somewhere that pull the texture files in to make the map like you said it does. Couldn't a overlay be done with cites, bases and such and added to that line. Then when it brings them in for the map it brings the overlay in also. Just an idea. :?:
  14. Well done BirdDogg. Its like Strike Fighters is between the rock and the hard place. Oh yea and the reason you didn't hear F/A-18 mentioned is it worked almost from the box, only one patch. Good MP and mission editor. Still flying it.

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