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  1. Thanks FRPignon, I will reinstall it and check! Cheers
  2. Thanks for suport but do you know about landing gear? I canot take off because at 90 kntos the gear blows...
  3. Nobody take off with Rafale? at hard settings the landing gear blows at 80-90 knots!!!
  4. How is Ravenclaw ? His health is any better? Thanks for this mod!
  5. I see Monty, but even being excellent the Forger is not that great plane... I flew it a bit and at hard settings we got no chance against those Tomcats, so I guess it is na outstanding piece of work but unfortunatelly not much enjoyable. So everybody is waiting for SU-33s or bether versions from existing mods...
  6. Sad News, lets pray for your good recover! You should stop all these to rest your nerves... God bless you my friend!
  7. I still dream about one Saab Viggen! To bad I have none skills and knowege fo this :(
  8. Are you bether, Ravenclaw? Glad to know about your wealth recover! Thanks for your hard work!!!
  9. I got a significant performance improvment at Windows 8.1!
  10. Hi! Like all simmers here I have a great desire to see DCS get right. But, I see they move on too directions at same time and dont get anything really done. This series are Lockon Update plus some weird and out of context vintage aircraft. Instead they should develop one decent dynamic campaign engine. This is what everyone wants! Until, Falcon BMS remains the best!
  11. no one else saw this? every addon plane in this pack came without sound. Im just trying to help bye
  12. superb Package, one of the very best but the sounds are missing...
  13. take your time, God Bless You!

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