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  1. AV-8B Harrier II - SF2. ver.2018

    YEEEEES... (No I did not.. all good now ) The plane is FANTASTIC!! All the animations... You should make a Harrier GR 9 too. GREAT WORK!! -Tommy.
  2. AV-8B Harrier II - SF2. ver.2018

    NICE.... BUT I have TWO(!) pilots?? how to fix that? -Tommy
  3. Hello People.. I`m having a hard time understanding how to adjust the landing gear, so it don`t disappear (like on the photo) ShockStroke= ???? SpringFactor=??? DampingFactor=???? anybody have any tips? -Tommy
  4. Coms problem

    GOT IT! It was the FORMATION.ini.. Got a new one and it works fine now Thanx for the help Menrva.. -Tommy
  5. Coms problem

    Thanx ill try, I dont have a COMMDATA.ini.. can that be the problem? It`s often when a lot is happening in the game (it freezes) AA-guns, enemy planes ect ect.. OK.. I belive its the FORMATION.ini.. (I tried another FORMATION.ini and it worked fine) but it messed up the coms. The coms menu tells me that i have more planes then I have.
  6. Coms problem

    Both stock and customs. and not only the bomber. some orders are fine, but others ,like "return too base" ,makes the game freeze.
  7. HI people. have a problem: 80% of the time when i give orders over the coms (to the AI planes) the game freezes.. Anybody know what might the problem? -Tommy
  8. Cliff7600: YES that works!!! Thanx buddy MigBuster: jupp that was right -Tommy.
  9. Hello. in some planes you "soar" over the cockpit before takeoff (but back in the pit after takeoff) Does anybody know have to adjust that? Cheers -Tommy.
  10. Shait... OK thanx for the respons! Heia BRANN!! ;)
  11. Hello. I am trying to make canopys work on planes that don`t have it animated. I use Muestoolbox. and I use the modelNodName. anybody have some tips?? Cheers.. Tommy.
  12. Crusader!! You are a genius that works!!!!! Thanks
  13. hmmm... Is that a way to fix that?
  14. Hello. I use the MuesToolBox (it is great) BUT if I want to remove a "main" part but NOT the "under parts". Is that possible? F.eks Node Name............................ Material ID -HULL 0 <--------------- Want to remove this part -Panel 1 <--------------- But not this part -EnignePanel 2 Anybody knows?? Cheers. Tommy.
  15. I use the AV-8BPLUS cockpit. I want to keep the canopy framing. but remove the instruments (that is: hide it from cockpit view) I use "OpenCockpit=TRUE" so the special Hind cockpitframing shows from cockpit view. It is the Mil Mi-24P "Hind-F" I tried to find out ho made it. But I didn`t find the name. Thanks. -Tommy.

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