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  1. Hi. Im trying to update the Mirage F1 EQ for the 1st Gen Series. Is ther a way you can share with me the .LOD files for the ECM pods, like the remora?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. ravenclaw_007


      check your mail  :good:

  2. Hi ravenclaw_007, your work is outstanding! Attention to detail is above and beyond. I periodically see your latest additions here on the screenshot pages. Will these be available in a future Wep Pak 3, or will they be periodically offered piece mill as has been done with a few of your models? Have seen several new weapons lately but no updated pack. Just wondering.

    Thank you, Marty (NIELS)

    1. ravenclaw_007



      they are part of the Weaponpack 3 , no release date yet

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