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  1. vertical performance in any jet is usually at very light weights. (hence a great thrust:weight ratio) take the fuel down to about 20% on a clean jet and you will see better performance, however i still dont think it will give you the performance you think it has.
  2. Vers 1.02 and C-130

    i believe the C-130 problem was fixed in 1.02 patch. the R-27EA was removed from the Su-27 because they are not able to fire them in real-life. as Thomas said you can download a mod that allows you to put any weapon on any pylon. just make sure you have it turned off when you play online as it is considered a cheat in some servers. (of course there may be some that will alllow it but check with the host first.)
  3. Engine Smoke?

    to be honest i know absolutely nothing about modding, but my understanding is that something has to already be in the game for you to mod it. i think for you to get engine smoke, it would require and .exe change, which the public aren't allowed to do by law. only too happy for someone to prove me wrong and put some smoke in! :)
  4. 1.1 is the add-on but i believe they are thinking of releasing just the patched part of 1.1 (ie none of the additional stuff) as a free patch named 1.03. dont quote me on it though!
  5. If you want to know all the FULL details go to the ubi forums and ask Alfa. He is a Mig freak and would be able to tell you the differerent types of radars each has etc. However for general game play the major difference i find is the Mig29S is capable of carrying the R-77 fully active missle (the only russian plane in the game capable of this. I'm sure there are heaps more but that is the one that really makes the biggest difference to me.
  6. IM NEW

    unfortunately thats not really a rig built with gaming in mind. you really need to have a seperate Graphics card (integrated graphics cards are not designed with gaming in mind!) and you will need at least 512Mb ram as zzzspace said.
  7. A quick reply ... there is a key to turn the shake on ..sorry i dont know what it is off hand and i am running out the door. Maybe someone else knows it off hand, otherwise i will look for it later.
  8. IM NEW

    u taxi to the runway from the apron (not a hanger unfortunately) they are just about to release the first official add-on very soon (we are hoping in the next month or so ..no release date mentioned) apart from that you can grab a few thrid party add-ons that generally change minor things like an aircraft model (ie fly the f15 but it looks like an f18)
  9. IM NEW

    i was reading the russian forums through a translator and i have a feeling there is some miss understanding re the Ka-50 addon. my understanding is it will be a completely different game to lock-on and not an add-on as we are all hoping for. (obviously it will be using the lomac engine) lets hope im wrong and it will come out as a downloadable add-on!
  10. IM NEW

    Lets hope by christmas time he can skip 1.02 and go straight to 1.1!!
  11. Mitch has some very similar in name to what you were talking about. I have a feeling they might be what you are after! Mitch Design
  12. thanks MadJeff for bring that across. great tut. Sokol and Mathijs - you might have to go to the Ubi Forums if you want a response from mattski.
  13. Great idea MadJeff! Nice way to get people into your forums. Count me in! Post #10
  14. LOMAC Manual Lottery!!

    im in!

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