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Very glad you've come to visit a bit.


Iv'e been involved with way to many flight sims and still keep to many active on my hard drive. I'm also big into Ghost Recon and its versions. When I'm not flying in BHaH, I'm usually in my F-16CJ in FF5 or in Global Falcon. I've recently completed my ramp start, taxi, take-off training and will be starting some formation flying. Many of "those" guys are current or retired F-16 jockeys; they don't cut you any slack.


I've been married a "young" time now; since March of '71. This has been my absolute best campaign. My wife's retired now 4-1/2yrs after teaching for 30.


The last 29yrs have been spent working in the fluid power industry with a manufacturer and two different national distributors.


I used to bowl; almost turned pro at 18 but went to college instead. No regrets, met my wife there. I also played tennis and was actually ranked in the region's high school standings. Bad left knee and right hip replacement have slowed my running to walking, but haven't affected my coordination or trigger reflexes...lol.


My family's background is military. My Dad's three older brothers are (were,two now deceased) all military retired, as is my Dad.


I have a good sense for "mechanics". I built my first and only motorcycle when in high school. It was a Harley bobber; straight leg, springer 4" over, no rake with a pan head top end and shovel head bottom end. White wall tires too! I think I was the first person in Georgia to use the frame as an oil reservoir and to mold the complete frame. The paint was "wrinkle" black. I've been "designing" a more "proper" chopper on paper and have most of the details worked out. IF I were to get back on a bike it would be a BMW 1200 KT. Bigger butt now and kidneys don't like the road jar as much...lol


I'm also a computer enthusiast, but no geek. Mostly self taught, lots and and lots of research. My first rig was a 486DX-100 with a Diamond Viper graphics card. My first mod was to upgrade the DV ram from 2MB to 4!


My second rig was an AMD 700 TB, Slot-A on an ASUS KV-T (very rare motherboard) and a Leadtek TI-4600 graphics card. This was the system I attempted a world record with. My goal was to achieve a 100% overclock on air. I removed the heat spreader on the cpu and gpu and lapped both exposing the transistors for better cooling. I got it to 1.355ghz; boot, post and prime for 24hrs. Never was able to hit 1.400.


My third rig and now part time gamer is my AMD-4000, single core, DFI Lan Party, W2K PRO, 1GB of ram with a Nvidia 6800 PCI-E Ultra. I've kept it because Nvidia borked 8-bit driver support and I'm not yet ready to give up some of flight sims that'll only run on the 66.93 driver.


My current rig is my Intel X6800 on an EVGA 680i-SLI, 8GB of ram on W7 Ultimate 64 and still using my venerable 8800 GTX. The X6800 is running 3.45 on air. And guess what; the world record for a X6800 on air is "only" 3.92, boot, post and prime for 24hrs. I'm getting the itch again. My wife's only comment is "Oh schitt". I think she still remembers the 2 months when I tried to break the Slot-A record...lol.


Well, that's enough of me.


It's a real pleasure and privilege to be associated with the Over Flanders Field group and to occasionally post on the forum.


Remember: Schitt happens. If it didn't, you would explode.


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