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  1. Apr 2013 patch level and JDAM seems to be completely broken. It works fine with 2012 patch, I confirm. But not anymore.
  2. SF2NA: Black Sea Crisis (Part 1 of 4)

    This campaign reminds me that... old game.. that.. EA USNF. The original game campaign was on similar setting if I remember correctly...
  3. Games run on Windows 8 great!! WoX, SF2 X, everything runs as ever before and my CH control manager runs without problem either. Windows 8 changes UI a lot but the bottom line is, comparing it to Vista is a blasphemy.
  4. I've changed some coefficients on Flaps to ease take-off. After 2012 Mar. patch, the plane was almost unflyable unless you start the mission in the air and skip the landing altogether. It seems the game cannot compensate lift force from stealth figure? Anyway, here's the link: http://ge.tt/api/1/f...0/blob?download By the way, I've picked up the original .ini file from Operation Darius final version. So, copy and paste may not work directly on this upload.
  5. Operation Darius Part 1

    Awesome! Gotta show this to my Iranian friends!! Anyway.... USN campaign seems a bit messy in 2012 Apr patch. The planes waiting for catshot sinks their nose into the carrier... whoops.
  6. I've found another problem on AV-8B... It seems RWR screen is floating on wrong position. Check the picture below. Actually, AV-8B has TEWS system and the Avionics.ini for the AV-8B says the right thing... But the actual RWR display seems to use the MFD...
  7. Sorry for late reply. I can't play the game in weekdays. Anyway, wingman no longer crashes after take off but shows a bit risky movement. The armament was 4 Mk. 82 Snakeeye and 2 Sidewinders with filled up fuel. Also, magical phase shift effect happens when he passes me by. So, technically, no crash occurs!!! .ini magic saves the day!! One more thing... I've found that F-15E cannot use ripple quantity setting when ripple interval was set to 0. The bomb drops one by one no matter how many ripple quantity was set. (of course, if we set ripple interval > 0, everything works fine.) It seems the game doesn't support simultaneous discharge of ordinances. I'm not sure why it doesn't work while jettisoning all the A-to-G equipment is possible. But if this turns out to be game engine limitation, I guess we can delete ripple interval 0 from all the aircraft.
  8. Menu Music (ODS)

    OMG! Watch out for Men In Black from da coooopie wright agency!!!!
  9. I tried USMC campaign mission. Also Single missions as well.
  10. OOOOPS! Maybe I posted wrong place!! http://combatace.com/files/file/12834-desert-storm-part-2-for-sf2/
  11. Desert Storm Part 2 For SF2

    A few problems found so far. (hotfix 1 and 2 installed) 1. F-117 dashboard cover sometimes turns into green, especially when operating EO instruments. 2. Ground Terrain around King Fahd AB has some weird discontinuity. Some part seems regular desert but the other seems the Sahara desert with tons of tons dunes. 3. AV-8 mission is unplayable. I usually start from carrier deck. Wingman tends to disregard whether I'm blocking his way or not. Also, even though I clear his front quickly, he scratches his tail to the deck and explodes. 4. Some F-117 flight has unrealistic planes (at least 8) per flight and they operate when the sun is still shining. 5. RWR in MiG-23 and planes use the same cockpit doesn't provide visual feedback. 6. Also, they don't have waypoint indicator either. It is in fact, impossible to navigate without the help of HUD information. 7. Some MiG-23 variants has wrong HUD mode. No piper for gun but shows piper for R-27. 8. Again, F-117. Sometimes, they RTB with their bay door opened!
  12. They don't have any actual distance meter but you'll find the screen changes once the Walleye gets valid lock. The # indicator will expand and fixated. If you drop Walleyes once these are confirmed, they yield perfect hit!! Oh yeah, it's a game!! Of course, low altitude ground skimming flight never hits either. I guess it's not impossible but hard to achieve with Walleye than dumb bombs.
  13. F-22 Cockpit

    OMG! I gotta install Operation Darius too!!
  14. Al-Qaim is a small town just located at the 'cross-section' between the boarder and the Euphrates river. Exact location can be shown here. But it seems to be changed the name or was decimated during the war. Some source(Google Earth) says a bit east from the boarder. Also, this article mentions H2 airfield and its location. Check this out. The location from the article. It seems a bit far away for the term 'a few clicks' but I'm no specialist and the direction is still South.

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