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  1. hey eric, how do i cancel my prime subscription. Getting a little low on cash sorry
  2. Can you tell me how I would cancel my prime subscription please
  3. funny, i have been going back and forth trying to find the right version for my windows 10, msi gt72 2qd with gtx970m. 1 question i would like to ask, how do you really know what you are running as far as 64 or 32bit. I have both but what am i using when i download my sf2 mods?
  4. CombatACE Morse Code Class Now in Session

    That was soooo kewl. I couldnt stop watching until the end. I always respected people that could do morse.
  5. Ok here goes. I have the msi gt72 2qd with nvidia gtx970m. When I start the game it is fine until about half with thru a mission. I did have this problem before and it was the updated nvidia version but cant remember which version I had. currently i went back to 358.87, then to 358.50. Has anyone had the same problem as me? and if so which version of the nvidia driver did you use. I would think the machine I am using would be more than powerful the handle this but, again, i think it is the nvidia version i am using.
  6. Hi I am curious how I can bring forward the lettering of the menu so I can see it. The only way to be able to press the buttons is to scroll over it and it comes forward. Otherwise it is just a colored area. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
  7. SF2 Area 51 Test Pilot Hi-Res 1024x768 Menu Screens!

    Why is it that when I load this I cannot see the (instant action, single mission, campaign, exit)? I know if i scroll over the area it is in it comes up but not unless I scroll over it.
  8. I have installed win10 a number of times. It seemed if I hit a particular update my game would not work ie:game would crash to desktop as soon as i set up a single mission and hit fly. I dont know what has happen since, maybe those updates are included, but I just tried to reload and it has seemed to work fine. Maybe microsoft found a problem and fixed it bit works good now.
  9. had win10 about 4 times and reloaded win 8.1. It seems that when a certain update loads my games crap out, like it gets to the fly part and just goes right back to windows. It has something to do with defender but it could be the nvidia card settings. I have a nvidia gtx970m and have been having problems updating the drivers with that. I updgrade and the game craps out on fly. Dont know what else it could be. I'm currently on win 8.1
  10. Ok here goes. I asked this question before but I think i was misunderstood. I want to rename my c:program Files86\Thirdwire\strikefighter2\strikefighter2 NorthAtlantic to Files86\Thirdwire\strikefighter2\NA. Do I have to do something with the config file labeled StrikeFighter2 NorthAtlantic? I know how to redirect my files from the C:\user\monte\savedgames\. Hope you can help. The only reason i want this is I use the dragon gaming center to play and is all i see is 4 files called strikefighter. It is not a biggie but would like to know. Thanks a lot
  11. Just a quick question on redirecting the main israel, vietnam, europe, and NA to a ssd that I have. I want to rename my main file from strikefighter2 Northatlantic to NA and the same for the others. Question is do I have to rename my config file also?
  12. I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that have spent hundreds if not thousand of hours over the last years modding these sims. I only know Erick and Wrench but i know there are a lot more. It is commendable to spend all this time to help us simmers. I hope to be able to enjoy you work for years to come. Thank you again.
  13. Thanks all. I was actually going to go with this. I know my logitech 3d pro, i have had for about 7 years now. It seems if I use my buttons on the control with the shift it crashes my game. Asks if i want to disable my windows keys. Dont know if it is the joystick or something else. I am running a msi gt72 dominator with 16gig of memory and a 256 gig ssd. Any suggestions?
  14. Can anyone let me know what the best joystick is for under 100 for use with strikefighter series?
  15. first of all it always says you have to have sf2. I have sf2NA, sf2Europe, and sf2Vietnam. Where is sf2? Also I have redirected my sf2na to another drive. Is it still merged if I have not redirected sf2v, or sf2Europe?

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