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  1. looking for WOV squardon

    Ok guys....does VMFA-531 have a site? A place where we can hook up?...Also how about a meeting in H.L. at EITHER 9pm eastern on friday nights OR saturday nights? The meeting concept is open to everyone interested. Please leave your feedback guys and lets do this! we just need to decide when. Also for all that want toattend, I think its worth getting Hamachi installed and ready in case of any connection issues. I couldn't join Doghouses game in H.L but I could with Hamachi. What do you think Gentleman?
  2. looking for WOV squardon

    If possible maybe we should set a night up for a few to meet on. I know this old geezer would be up for it! Its just figuring timezones for me...and it might take a little while to sort out, but I'm sure with patience and persistance it could be done. Certainly hope we can shake some interest!
  3. wings over europe squadrons?

    .......and then??????....... Did you guys get this rolling?....way keen to get in on it!
  4. Possible Dedicated WoV, and WoE Server

    ....any news guys???I realise its a challenge but would love to fly these simms online..
  5. Australians

    hi mate...thanks for the reply.....if u do wish to get involved u will need to get the addon "flaming cliffs"....aswell u will need to patch it up which is available online and is a shareware (free) download....so far there arent too mabny on board but i hope it will get more interest in the future....so far we have an aircraft being done for us for the sim....we will be flying the Sabre jet in the colours of "The Black Diamonds"...they were a team back in 1965 from 75 Sqn...i liked WOE and WOV but the online playing was badly supported and near impossible to multiplay...lock on is much better...there RE MANY TEAMS IN LOCK ON AROUND THE WORLD ALREADY...SEARCH YOUTUBE FOR THE VIRTUAL BLUE ANGELS AND U CAN SEE WHAT CAN BE ACHIEVED....well thats it for now so let me know what u think..also curious of ur age and experience...as we are only using lock on for formation aeros u dont need to worry about weapons systems...u just need to fly well....talk soon and thanks mate Sunshine
  6. Australians

    well here goes.... I'd like to hear from any aussies out there that are enjoying LOMAC and would be interested in getting an aerobatic team together.......basically its a case of finding the right people and i'm sure that whoever you are u are out there. We really only need 5 pilots and we couls follow the early roulettes example re the shows and manouvers....should more people give interest we can take it from there..... Please respond to this post if you are interested or curious..personnaly with the flights i have done so far i have found formation team work difficult but alotta fun....ghope to hear from you all soon.... Sunshine
  7. I agree...lets start unmodded with WOV...either through hyperlobby or not...i will be home thurday morning so maybe lets meet art hyperlobby on thursday night..i will be there from around 4pm perth time.......i will organise a ts server for us also......hope to see u all there...we could just start with phantoms or skyhawks.....really wanna pull this off guys...look forward to catching up with all of u....i will be there around 4 pm ish perth time as i say!!
  8. Great idea sherrif...i like it...gives us a good range with different aircraft of which they are all classics....another thing guys...go ahead and start flying online...if i was back i would be onto it already so if u arent on there...get it goin....i an to a degree into sop's and such so from a flying point of view would like to get formation flying on the go...something as simple as echelon right for returning to the field...and then pitching out over the runway into the pattern..I'm sure we have all been to a base and seen this plenty of times....i dont doubt all of u can fly well in the fighter and attack roles as u all have experience in the sim....tactics and formation is a much more difficult concept....let me know what u think...woohoo!!!!!!!
  9. Kiwi's are fine with me...watchem for years with A-4K's...then later our old G's....we can always hand thiers to them at the world cup anyway :).....I'm keen on using the F-104 on the odd occation in the "What if concept....one thing that does bare thinking about is not trying to take on too much at least in the beginning as too many mods may add to complications or put off those that are thinking of gettin in but cannot mod to well....any way...my thoughts are Skyhawks= Attack...Mirages=Fighter......What if=Starfighter...and if we get enuff numbers Canberra=Attack...remember depending on what we are doing we can swap and change "cockpits" as we see fit....Great stuff everyone.... Sunshine
  10. great man........i'll be away working for 2 weeks but i'll keepan eye on the foum....u bring the interest to 4 of us so its looking good....if u have any ideas on wat u'd like to do or get out of it thro them forward as we are starting from scratch...lets hope a few more jump in... good on ya mate.....we're gonna have alotta fun...talk soon Sunshine
  11. hi gang...looking for auatralians (or anyone really) to get some online play happening with WOV........if anyone is keen please just answer this message and depending on how it all goes we'll see what we can arrange...Imagine a mirage unit/flight.....anyhoo i think it would be fun...any ideas puttem up too Sunshine
  12. Can't really help with that one mate...but wanted to take the opportunety to contact another Aussie.....would be great to get a bunch of us playing together so contact me and lets see what we can organise....not much multiplaying goin on but i'd like to see if we can change that..Easier too if we are all in the same country......love to get 4 or 5 mirages up together..let me kno mate Sunshine
  13. Multiplayer

    Hi gang...Sounds promising...I have played alot of WOE and SFP1-Gold...I'd be keen for MP it's just knowing when and how...I think there are plenty of us its just that its not that well known or easy to find...I like team formation stuff mostly but i'll have a go at anything...I work away for two weeks at a time but am bak for a full week of my own each time so while limited i could still lend plenty of support..Cant help much on the hardware side i'm affraid..(dunno that much :) ) but count me in on the numbers. Lets make it happen...Even getting a couple squadrons together would be cool. WOV doesnt seem availabl here in Australia.

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