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  1. I am getting an 'unable to find file' message when I attempt to download the file.
  2. UH-1H Bushranger Gunship

    Download working. Thanks.
  3. UH-1H Bushranger Gunship

    Keep getting to disclaimer page when attempting to download.
  4. Having trouble downloading like the previous posts. Get same message with both servers. Tried aol and firefox. No go with either. Thanks.
  5. Can somebody direct me to the Chinese p-43a skin by capun. Thanks.
  6. I just downloaded the campaign. Can anbody tell me where I can locate the supply ship, CV-64 and the B-52d 23 BS. Thanks.
  7. Have just downloaded the campaign and am having trouble finding the British and German squads, yhe jagdtiger and the PzKwIVj. Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  8. I just downloaded the redswarn campaign and the addons. Am having trouble finding the win, lose draw menu screens. Are they in the download? If not, where can I get them. Thanks.

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