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  1. HELP!!!

    Also, try reducing the resolution that you run the game at.
  2. That is great news. Hope it's just normal rotation!
  3. Terrorist justice!

    Got this in the mail today:
  4. Cookies?

    ARGH! I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight. Thanks, Weasel. I cannot believe the gaul of some people. :D He's jinxed the whole thread. :shock:
  5. More Galen Thurber fun...

    Well, enough of this. I'm off to do some war-mongering. :roll: Sorry to hear that this issue didn't go away, Jeff. If you ever need any help let me know. Jim
  6. See ya for now

    FE - Fair winds and following seas. Take care. Rogue
  7. What are we doing to conserve gas?

    Oops, that 40 bucks was at last weeks price. Be more like 50 bucks this week. :shock:
  8. Should we tell them the secret, Deuces? I'm going to play with the other values and see if I can get a Florida sunset. :D
  9. What are we doing to conserve gas?

    Just a small update. I put 400 or so miles on the Suburban this week. Gotta fill 'er up tomorrow. 32 gallons of unleaded. 40 bucks worth of fossil fuel. Ain't America great! :D
  10. Here is my final version. Got the AmbientColor tweaked to my liking: [Day] SunHeight=0.250 SunBrightness=1.0 SunLightLevel=1.0 SunColor=0.545,0.550,0.528 AmbientColor=0.486,0.486,0.525 SkyColor=0.240,0.556,0.776 HorizonColor=0.733,0.847,0.972 FogColor=0.564,0.627,0.805
  11. I think I've got it. Try this: [Day] SunHeight=0.250 SunBrightness=1.0 SunLightLevel=1.0 SunColor=0.545,0.550,0.528 AmbientColor=0.350,0.350,0.385 SkyColor=0.240,0.556,0.776 HorizonColor=0.733,0.847,0.972 FogColor=0.564,0.627,0.805 I'm not sure what you are using for the AmbientColor value, I didn't change mine yet. But it is pretty close. The top one is with the changes. I've yet to remember which order to add my attachments. Jim
  12. The new one looks much, much better. Can you post the tweak? Or do we have to wait?
  13. Lookin' good. Just what we need more USAF skins. No offense, but getting tired of all those Navy and Marine F-4 skins. Thanks, Tiwaz.
  14. Oh, yeah. The bigger the coffee mug the better. Can't get too much caffeine on Monday morning. "Can you put two extra shots in the Latte for me miss". :shock:
  15. Hardware router/firewall all the way. Getting ready to upgrade to a business class wireless router/firewall for more security and better control of port openings. My current routers configuration table only allow 12 ports to be opened. Gotta have a few more now.

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