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  1. :D Thanks Dice, Dirty Deeds Done In The Dark 8)
  2. :shock: Thanks Jeff.that did it. Lord let me live long enough to fly the Hog!!!!!! :D
  3. What media do I need to see the new A-10 video???? Quicktime won't do it. Thanks......Wiley P
  4. From the reviews i've read,the 4200 is an excellent card.
  5. I've got a CH stick and it does the same thing. Yes I tried it with other games and it works fine. What's funny is,if I make a steep turn or roll, the guns work. I've tried about everything too. Reinstalls,remap and a toss across the room,but no joy :shock:
  6. I would say he needs someones help. He trys to get on HL but gets kicked back to the lobby after about 20 seconds. What do I need to do to get in? He would also like for someone to teach him how to fly Strike Fighter.
  7. I usually go whole hog when I update my machine. That will last me up to three years the way games are so far behind the technology.
  8. :?: I was planning on buying a ATI card this time around. After reading about the troubles here and on other game forums,i'm not so sure now. I don't really care how high the Marks are but how well it plays the games.
  9. Without some sort of self policeing or goverment control,this industry will never change. If you don't buy the games,they'll just stop makin them,not improve it. You buy a permit to utilize the content of the cd,there's the rub ,the permit works fine, everytime you use it. the content is another story. It takes money to make money and you've got to know what you're doing to keep from looseing your arse. If you've got to envolve alot of outsiders to foot the bill,you've shot off your foot before you start. Most jump in to make a quick buck,we as customers are not part of the plan. They expect to envest a dime to make a dollar,not envest a dollar to make a dime. That would be real nice but it's not the norm or the real world. Just because you can change a fan belt and plugs on your car,does not make you a master mechanic. :roll: For now we can only accept what we get or take it back. Maybe on down the road this will change, hopefully.At my age I doubt that I will see it, but life will go on.
  10. Rogue is right, click the APG choice in the bios.then save.
  11. The brown coloring is caused by the type of power used.
  12. SAMs

    DK: From what TK said.you'll only be shot at with SAMs with the later model a/c such as the 4E. Something to do with date of SAM production. Sure wish you'ld get back to the FM fixin :D

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