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  1. Pfalz EIV Camo.

  2. Pfalz E.IV

  3. Fokker D.VIII

  4. Caproni Ca.3

  5. SPAD 13 to 12 and 7 conversion

  6. DFWCI

  7. Battle of Britain terrain v1.3

  8. Afghanistan Jalalabad Road1987

    Gepard An apology for the low vote, finger slipped on a 2 while the brain was headed for a 4. Been playing on your terrain for a few days with Gerald14's MI35 (thank you Gerald) and having a great time. It's so good to see some interest in the choppers, they're lots of fun. Just starting the campaign, having a ball! Thank you so much for your hard work, looking forward to seeing the terrain finished and an expanded campaign and hoping it will get more interest up in these amazing birds. Thank you again M-M
  9. Help a total beginner

    FD.......what you downloaded is not an aircraft, it is just the ini for modifying an aircraft..the DRI is available at another site..have another go, would recommend Latons Fokker DIII, very nice aircraft, easy to install and competitive with the stock ingame aircraft..go get um tiger M-M
  10. Help a total beginner

    Welcome to CA flashdahrma...Its a good place to be...I assume you've downloaded some planes already, if you unzip them and look about most of them have instructions. If they do not, SOP is just copy and paste the aircraft file in the zip into you FE aircraft folder...sometimes they come in several folders in the zip, make certain you get just the aircraft file itself or she won't work....open up your FE aircraft folder and have a look at the structure of the stock aircraft and it will give you an idea of whats needed........Go fly!!! M-M
  11. Bort's Main Page is Back

    VERY well said Firecage, very well said indeed........Thank you Sir M-M

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