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  1. Yep, got a bit overwhelmed with the options, kinda like a fat kid in a candy store! *I want ... that one, and that one, and the other one, Ooohhhh and this one and the other one!! * Will check those out, as I'm more into F86 Sabre and up planes, with special interest on the Phantom. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Thanks! I was hoping to cut down on the amount of downloads with those mega packs. hahaha I did download the Veitnam War expansion mods. Haven't had the time to fly it yet (I'm building a small table for my Warthog joystick so I can easily put it away when not in use) Any must have mods that got released recently?
  3. After being away from Strike Fighters 2 for a very long time, I've decided to return. So, it has been years since I last played it, which you can put it at around 6 or more years, and I would like to know which mods you guys can recommend for a returning Phantom lover, such as myself. haha! I don't have the North Atlantic and the two expansion packs TK released, since I can't purchase anything without an international credit card(those are absolutely difficult to get where I live). Paypal doesn't allow the use of national credit card on international purchases. I guess that is a logical approach, considering the amount of fraud the country I live in is known for. The 4 SF titles that I own were bought when I lived in the UK, back then the North Atlantic and the expansion packs weren't available. Sadly, convincing TK to go to Steam or GoG so I could purchase the sim is as difficult herding cats, then those mods suggestions should be limited to: Strike Fighters 2 Strike Fighters: Israel Strike Fighters: Vietnam Strike Fighters: Europe

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