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  1. Deploy the gear? :D :D :) :) :? :? (Sorry...i know...i'm terribly lame)
  2. I doubt that they will want to say what they are going to put in the patch. I imagine they are just going to do everything they can...probably got a list of problems and TK is working through them...whatever he's done by a certain date he'll release. If he came out and promised a certain set of changes....and then couldn't deliver there would be hell to pay...most probably from the people that demanded information! Denzil P.S: Lotsa IFS there :D
  3. Can someone please send me this launcher? Skunkworks is interested :D skunkworks@charter.net Thanks in advance, Denzil
  4. Warning....this will make some of you very angry....

    Whoa this even made the news down here in Aus, I didn't think it would...saw that vet who went and shoved a flag in her face...good on him! Must have been a slow news day w00t grand prix is on this weekend...Australias round is so much better than Indianapolis i gotta tell you that :D Getting off topic :) Denzil
  5. I might put that up at the skunkworks...hopefully its the right thirdwire :D It just looks so corny with that background Denzil
  6. I don't understand this thing about the P-51 :?: Just as an example, I used to play Grand Prix 3 (play gp4 now) and I downloaded Ayrton Senna's 1993 McLaren and drove it around...I didn't race it, but I enjoyed going around in such a historic vehicle. Same with the P-51, I think you'll find a lot of people will fly it just for fun, in free flight without heading off on the waypoints. If people choose to fight online with it, well then thats their problem :shock: but to say that, because of its lack of combat during this era it shouldn't be built is strange. The more the merrier? :D I totally agree with you about the Flight models, and until we get the proper flight model editor we are stuck with the problem of FM's for each mod. (I check the e-mail each day expectantly waiting for updates from TK) I still don't think that should stop the mods from being built though! I'm still in a little shock (been away from biohaz for a while), if this was at simhq it would have degraded into sledging loooooooong ago :D Denzil
  7. Just a couple of points here, Hedu, I don't think that releasing the source code NOW is a viable option...It just came out (basically) and personally I would prefer to let TK work on the patching rather than releasing the source code and being flooded with user made "patches" and "fixes". Also I imagine that Strategy First owns the rights to the source code, I may be wrong on that point, but if I'm right I think bagging Thirdwire or TK is a little harsh. You said that we aren't talking mods but the discussion seems to be heading that way...so... "But to think that repainting a tank or creating the F-86 is fixing anything, then that is ludicrous." To me this sounded really negative, many people are working their butts off to make this game better for YOU, they aren't trying to fix it, they are trying to make it more enjoyable! ...I could have read your point wrong though... "Creating mods for this sim is like painting you car before you take the dents out. You paint it, but have to repaint it after they fix the dents" If your are going to put it like that then, again you are being very negative. I feel that the mod makers are taking the car with a dented door, but they aren't painting it...they are adding a spoiler to it!!! I say let TK fix the door (MP in this case) and while thats happening the mod makers make the game BETTER and more ENJOYABLE. The only other option, according to your logic, is to wait until this game is perfect, in pristine condition and an absolute masterpiece before people mod it...in 3 years time :? Denzil
  8. New Sig Ideas.....

    The American hero one I dislike The F-4 one is good but it's been done 8) Freelancer one looks very cool! Denzil
  9. yeah, you can get the Weapons editor at the skunkworks...i recieved it AGES ago and only put it up a couple of weeks ago cause i've been busy... ...what... ... ...lazy then!!! Denzil :D
  10. Nice avatar Hedu :D And EAW is the only ww2 fighter game I can play, besides Aces Over Europe like 6-7 years ago! I enjoyed IL-2 but it drifted off my hdd a while ago...EAW is still there with the DAW campaign Denzil
  11. Both are in production...the grey ghosts are converting a prowler to an intruder IIRC, bononzie (i dont think i spelt that right) had an A-7 model a while ago...and i think dave is going to make a Crusader after the thud is handed off to the FM experts (i may be TOTALLY wrong...so don't quote me okay ) Denzil
  12. It has to be in a folder called A-1H not a-1h or anything. Try that and see if it works

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