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  1. First time in the SF2 world for ages. Took a spin in the F15 silent eagle on the range. Had a great time Mike
  2. 20 Years and Some Change.....

    Congratulations Dave. Im sure you will have great memories to share. Maybe you could write a few down here for us? Memoirs of Dave Well done. Im sure your fellow countrymen are proud of you. Mike
  3. I have been flying in the thirdwire world for around 5 years or so now, and i just witnessed something I hav'nt seen before. After returning home from a succesful mission in my CF-18 I noticed a KC-135 on finals to my airfield. I taxied off the runway and watched as it came in, only to execute a perfect missed approach and go around for another go. Little things like this is what brings me back to these great games. Only managed to catch one pic.
  4. Why Battlefield 3 will beat Modern Warfare 3

    While this is an interesting point. I see no reason to compare battlefield and Cod. Personally I buy both games and for the majority of the time only play single player. From a singleplayer perspective the two games can co-exist in my collection quite easily. The only cod game I enjoyed playing multiplayer was the first modern warfare. Simply because it didnt stray too far from the realistic shooters I like. The rest of the cods have gone way beyond this (Stupid perks being a prime example) so i dont play them online anymore. Anyway I cant wait for both these games to be released simply for the singleplayer side of them. Mike
  5. Monitor for sale

    Hi guys Before I stick this on ebay i thought i would offer it to everyone here first. Its a Hanns-g 22" lcd monitor that im selling for £50 + postage. It has the original box + all the instructions etc and is in excellent condition. Reason im selling is because I have upgraded to a 24" LED monitor which I bought last week. I am also looking for a saitek x52 flight system if anyone would be interested in a swap or some sort of deal. Thanks Mike ps im based in the UK by the way
  6. Had a nice suprise when I opened up work today ....Not!

    Damn. I feel your pain. My Dad is the coach of a local kids rugby team and they recently had their changing rooms broken into to steal every inch of copper pipe in the building, aswell as the boiler. Now the kids cant play any home games until the damage is repaired. Just shows the level some people will stoop to I guess. Mike
  7. You sexy thing

    Damn there's some awesome pics in that collection xclusiv8. Thanks for sharing!! Mike
  8. You sexy thing

    The first warthog pic was my desktop until a few days ago when i found some pics of RIAT 2009 I took. Heres my new one
  9. Sony PS3 customers watch out!

    Well I had an email off sony last night to say that my account details 'could' have been taken and to monitor all transactions on my bank account, Apparently they have recruited some 'external' security companies to investigate the hack. On the link xclusiv8 posted above there is also a link to geohot's own blog. Makes for some interesting reading. As far as consoles braking down goes. Iv experienced both the rlod (xbox) and the ylod (ps3). While my xbox was immediately replaced by the store i purchased it, my ps3 was out of warranty. Sony offered to fix it for £125. I told them to shove it. I was able to get another ps3 from some money brother owed me adn so far so good.... Mike ps whether or not I continue to use the online capabilites of the ps3 remains to be seen. How can people trust sony after this episode
  10. Thanks romflyer. That sorted the view issue. Now i just need to sort the VSI out Mike
  11. Sony PS3 customers watch out!

    Well that is an interesting convo. Didnt mean to sound a pissed at any of you guys. Im just pissed at sony. Thers alot of people who have put their trust in Sony to keep all this information safe and secure. Judging by that IM chat Sony's security is questionable at best. Hope that my account details are safe Mike

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