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  1. Really nice work! Be proud! :D Thanks Mike!
  2. Then I dont thing you will be disapointed Combined with Phlerp we have the following aircrafts in the development with most of the squadrons that used them (both real and historicle) J29 Tunnan SK50 (Small transport/school, piston engine) J32 Lansen A32 Lansen SK60 (Twin jet engine, light attack) AJ 37 Viggen SH 37 Viggen SF 37 Viggen JA 37 Viggen LVP's J 35 Draken are also in production. Both me and phlerp is working on other projects too, so it'll take a bit longer then "normal" to get this birds out the production line.
  3. hi, The project moves slowly forward. Viggen Projects site I'm working together with Phlerp on alot of other projetcs, so the plans are to move this site to another sever and get a proper name and information regarding all the other projects etc. thanks /Swede
  4. You should still be able to see the plugin in the utility list. I think this 3DSM 3.1 problem is "general" so to speak. I need I can't say for sure though. I have only talked with LvP that once used 3DSM. I think TK also once said that a new version of the 3.1 plugin might be comming sometime in the future. But dont quote me on that, its so long ago now and my memory are blurry. Would be good if you could confirm if there are problems ;) The plugin should be in 3DSMPlugin. The reson you can't see the plugin.. hmm the only thing that comes to my mind if is you have loaded the 4.0 plugin insted of the 3.1 plugin, they are named the same. oh... you could try to enter your plugin manager and load the plugin manually and then try to add it from the utilities.
  5. Hi, I have heard people are having problems with 3DSM 3.1's exporter. It dosent work correctly. Third Wire have used 3DSM 4.2 for their models. To access the exporter you have to click on the "hammer icon" and add it to the list options by clicking on the "window liked icon". You now get a new window. Add a new button (you can set it easily by increasing the "total button" numbers. To the left you can browes down till you find the "Thirwires" plugin. Drag it to the empty button you just created. To export your model you go to the "Hammer icon" and by clicking on the "thirdwires" button you get a few options. choose "Export - No decals" Hope it helps
  6. Hallelua for CD writters... Tho I hate when those kind of things happends, sorry to hear about it SDirickson. Remember also... If it dosen't kill ya it'll just make you stronger
  7. No I'm only working on half of those. The Viggen versions and SK50 and F-16 perhaps in the future (already got the model and cockpit). Phlerp, is doing the Lansen and J29. The SK60 looks to be a compined project there Phlerp has done the major part. (ie the model look sooo great!)
  8. yea kidgalahad, its a nice effect. The effect of the nosewheel(s) turning and your not.. is not so plesent effect :roll:
  9. the swedish aircrafts will be: J29 Barrel (Tunnan) J32 Lansen SK50 SK60 Saab 105 Sk37 Viggen AJ37 Viggen SH37 Viggen SF37 Viggen JA37 Viggen All with with loadout etc...
  10. have had the same problem with my "Viggen project" from day 1 when fuel drops below 50% I lose the NWS. replacing the fuel and CG point dosent help. So Brummy.. I feel with ya
  11. Hi, Yes its for another project, but the model is mine, so I havent had a chance to try it out in action yet so I imported it to SF, which is a quick thing to do. I do have plans of including an F-16A sometime in the future when as mentioned above.. the code gets a bit "hotter" with ex posibilities to add a HUD etc. Also waiting on the patch to continue my current Viggen project, and see what it brings. :)
  12. hmm all the aircrafts? :? Havent seen that one... :roll:

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