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  1. My biggest issue with the jet is that the tails make rolling very slow.
  2. I've just installed this Jet and SFP1 with latest pre-Oct 2008 Patch and Service Pack + Bunyap's Weapons Pack. I can't seem to load AHMs and SAHMs on it. Just AIM-9Js.
  3. This ship doesn't seem to turn up in single-player anti-ship missions on SFP1 and WOE. Do I need to adjust anything?
  4. That means I'll have to check the aircraft's .ini file if it has a LASER Designator?
  5. I was able to install this Add-on using the ThridWire Weapons editor on WOE with a late 2006 patch. Can't seem to get the pod to fire
  6. This was actually the type flown by Former Pres George W Bush when he was with the Texas ANG. ============================================================== Just tried it out and it seems the Mighty Mouse Rockets don't seem to fire
  7. On patched up to the max SFP. Maneuvering at pushing 10K feet is quite slugish. Nonetheless it makes a good AGM/LGB platform and I like the HUD. A good add-on would be a pilot mod with the special HMD system. An FA35B would be easy since they came up with the YAK-141 which is very similar to the FA35B.
  8. I love the way it handles, though, I can't seem to load anything else on them on my patched up versions of SFP and WOV. The Hawk can only work Gunpods but not bombs and missiles. Is there any way I can tweak the ini files to get it to load other payloads?
  9. The Goshawk handles pretty well. My only problem is getting to modify the weapons load-out. On my patched-up version of SFP1, the only weapons I can load it with from Bunyap's pack are either the Aden Gunpod, an SUU-23 or an L-39 gunpod. Can I tweak the .ini for me to have it launch rocket pods and IR AAMs?
  10. Is there any oher site where I can download the original mod? You would need to pray hard to dev team to give you a password to download it from their site.
  11. I tried the missile with the default settings supplied by the maker on a Gripen and it literally blew up in my face (actually, the wingtips). Apparently, the weapons data settings needs to be tweaked on weapons editor before you mount them. Do you have more accurate settings including the detonation settings?
  12. I was able to install both the pack on SFP1 and WOV. The 2006 version weapon and gun editors that came with it do not respond when clicked. It works when I replaced them with the 2003 version. However, when using the newly added missiles on SFP1, the games crash when I try to fire them. In WOV, the game crashes.

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