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  1. Hey Florian: I have some great profiles for all of the variants including the A and B with the "chin" camera just below the nose. Lemme know if you want to have them.
  2. Just what I needed. Those look great. Looking forward to a release. I have lots of skins in the works...
  3. Sounds good. Post any pics? Of the plane or panel. I need a pick me up!
  4. Hi Florian: nice plane! BTW, what is the status of the P-3?
  5. Canada formally scraps F-35 deal

    I agree Fast. The Super Hornet seems a lot more of a logical choice. What would Princess Lucky think of this anyway? :) Still wonder what would've happened if we managed to get the F-14s from Iran... ?
  6. SF:NA

    ABOUT 30 Seconds ago! Great! R
  7. Gulls in Flight

    Nice shots Maj: Whe I see shots like this I look at the upper edge of the wing to see low pressure zones, I look at the spread of the primary feathers, I look at the tail fan...birds are incredible creatures. That is why I love flight so much, avian and human-based. Cheers Raptorman
  8. Spam

    (Cue Vikings).
  9. Do fighters really need afterburners to take-off?

    Thanks for all of the replies folks! Nice to hear many different opinions. Rapperman
  10. Hi folks: Been showing my wee lads videos showing fighters taking off, etc. Noticed that all vids show afterburner. I imagine the engine puts out enough thrust without the extra kick of the afterburner. Apart form a need for a quick departure when needed, is there any reason why afterburner is used when you are not heading out to intercept? Just curious Raptorman
  11. My action photos from the Royal Navy

    Likely a Roosevelt Elk yes. No Moose on Van Island. Sorry to hear about your not so pleasant experience here. The Island is a wonderful place otherwise. Thanks for the stories Streak!
  12. As the topic title states. I have only seen it once or twice. LIke to know if the series has a book or not?
  13. Is this a completely new model?
  14. Any chance of a Canadian Tomcat? We did evaluate them when we chose the F-18...
  15. My action photos from the Royal Navy

    Streak: I live just south of Nanaimo. What branch of the service were you in and when was this? Just curious...

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