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  1. Glad to hear it's in safe hands and not sunk without a trace! Look forward to seeing more about it in (hopefully) the near future!
  2. Agusta ASH-3 Sea King Over Persia

    Fantastic Sea King mod - any chance of any Royal Navy versions? Possibly the AEW with the side mounted Radar? Thanks and keep up the good work!
  3. I know its been asked before, but is there any update on this fantastic looking Iwo Jima class? In whatever state its currently in it would be a welcome addition to the SFP2 world! Please keep up the good work! Thanks!
  4. Harrier GR.7 Skin

  5. Tornado F.3

  6. That's brilliant - thanks for that! Its for a helicopter so the wheels aren't going to be in contact wit the ground for long anyway. Thanks again!
  7. Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to make normally retracting landing gear (with animation) fixed in the down position? I've tried "Retractable=FALSE" but this just makes the gear fixed in the up / retracted position. Ideally want it the other way round. Thanks in advance!
  8. Cool, cheers for pointing that out!
  9. Wow - where did this come from! Been waiting a long time for one of these in SFP2! I agree, FAA colours would be brilliant. You wouldn't happen to be hiding any other versions up your sleeve too? AEW? Great work though!
  10. A good idea WBS - I did contact suicidal a while back but to no response - just tried again so hoping for the best! Also thanks for those Colmack - that's a really useful resource.
  11. Yes there are three type 12's in the Falkands Redux mod - they are good models but don't really fit the bill to represent the RN ships of the 1960s through to late 1970s. The 12M is a Rothesay class, the 12I is a chilean mod with exocets mounted on the hanger, a phalanx plus a cougar helicopter welded to the pad. The 12L is an Exocet Leander - but as it is an update to the SF1 version none of the rear Seacat launchers work. I'm hoping to do a number of the Leander versions - gun armed, Exocet and Seawolf and possibly even Ikara. Ideally also have the helipad free if anyone has the inclination to try to land there. Though it might be good to have a bit more variety for guarding Eagle and Ark Royal! The reason for asking for drawings is that although the photos are great, nothing beats a scaled line drawing for making a model from - even the painting images from Airfix kits would be great! Thanks dsawan - the solidmodel site in particular looks to be a really useful resource! cheers Chris
  12. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any good photos or line drawings (ideally 3 view) of the Leander class frigates? General information on attributes, armament etc would also be welcomed! I have started dabbling with a new 3d model and wanted to do a number of different versions to reflect the evolution of this class. Any help with info would be gladly welcomed! Thanks Chris
  13. Midway-Class Aircraft Carrier SCB-110

    Vintorez, try increasing the height of the arrestor cables so they aren't flush with the decks: [Cable1] SystemType=ARRESTER_CABLE CableID=1 StartPosition=-4.5,-127.563,14.5 EndPosition=17.80,-124.563,14.5 Do the same increase for the other cable entries and it should be ok. I've also tweaked the deck entry [Deck] SystemType=FLIGHT_DECK FlightDeckHeight=14.0 FlightDeckLength=320.0 FlightDeckWidth=64.0 LandDeckAngle=-8.5 LandingAimPoint=6.0,-150.0,13.8 Not sure if these make much difference, but worth a try? CJLivesey
  14. It would be really great to have exporter support to more recent version of 3dsmax as new people are more likely to have these as student versions rather than the 2009 version. Perhaps we should lobby TK for an new exporter?
  15. Don't know if would be feasible but could you use the illuminated deck method along with a bit of clever 3d modelling? i.e. have the three sets of lights - too low, too high and correct glide path - but put the correct glide path green light at the base of a a long tube of just the right angle so it can only be seen if at the right height. This would need to be set at just the right angle on the carrier model and would be the same for all aircraft types.

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