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  1. Found the problem - not having Exp1 (and the P-51D). Bit the bullet, purchased Exp1 and as soon as I'd done that took the plane out for a test flight - noticed a new red highlighted "100% (WEP)" in the game HUD and a noticeable jump in performance. Obviously needed Exp1 to make this parameter work - not just the patches.
  2. Thanks for the responses - really useful. I'll try some testing based on that engine data. With respect to why I didn't extract the data myself - I've never got round to buying Exp1 so didn't have the base files. Probably something I should remedy! Thanks again!
  3. Hi, I was wondering if someone could answer some questions on the implementation of WEP on the PROP_ENGINE system type? 1) Was this system fully implemented in SFP2 or have more recent patches broken it? 2) The WEPTimeLimit= parameter - does this actually work? I've been trying to figure this out by creating engines with almost zero "SLPowerDry" and giving a reasonable level of "SLPowerWEP". The hope is to test if WEP is actually working - the idea being to get the aircraft to takeoff and climb for a minute or two at WEP power before seeing power suddenly drop off as WEP runs out. All that happens is that the plane struggles to even move on the runway with almost zero thrust - WEP never kicks in, effectively giving a 0hp engine. If anyone has any clues or can even share the engine section from TK's P-51D as an example that'd be great. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the response - not the answer I was hoping for on the systemtype, but the link to the thirdwire forum file is a brilliant resource and more than makes up for it. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Sorry for digging up an old topic. Can anyone tell me whether any of the aircraft "systemtypes" highlighted were implemented in game? If so, does anyone have any examples how they are specified within the data.ini - i.e do they need parameters similar to "FuelTankID=1" or "MaxFuelAmount=775" as would be given for a fuel tank. The ones from this list above are: PNEUMATIC_SYSTEM HYDRAULIC_SYSTEM ELECTRICAL_SYSTEM FUEL_SYSTEM COOLING_SYSTEM OIL_SYSTEM Unfortunately I can't seem to get to the thirdwire forum linked which might have explained it. Many thanks!
  6. Glad to hear it's in safe hands and not sunk without a trace! Look forward to seeing more about it in (hopefully) the near future!
  7. Agusta ASH-3 Sea King Over Persia

    Fantastic Sea King mod - any chance of any Royal Navy versions? Possibly the AEW with the side mounted Radar? Thanks and keep up the good work!
  8. I know its been asked before, but is there any update on this fantastic looking Iwo Jima class? In whatever state its currently in it would be a welcome addition to the SFP2 world! Please keep up the good work! Thanks!
  9. Harrier GR.7 Skin

  10. Tornado F.3

  11. That's brilliant - thanks for that! Its for a helicopter so the wheels aren't going to be in contact wit the ground for long anyway. Thanks again!
  12. Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to make normally retracting landing gear (with animation) fixed in the down position? I've tried "Retractable=FALSE" but this just makes the gear fixed in the up / retracted position. Ideally want it the other way round. Thanks in advance!
  13. Cool, cheers for pointing that out!
  14. Wow - where did this come from! Been waiting a long time for one of these in SFP2! I agree, FAA colours would be brilliant. You wouldn't happen to be hiding any other versions up your sleeve too? AEW? Great work though!
  15. A good idea WBS - I did contact suicidal a while back but to no response - just tried again so hoping for the best! Also thanks for those Colmack - that's a really useful resource.

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