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  1. Still in progress. Yes, we have spent years working on this and continue to do so. In full transparency, we underestimated the lack of interest and community support/contributions so expenses have sky rocketed and delays elongated due to heavy reliance on outsourcing.
  2. RussoUK, we know contacts there and have negotiated licensing agreements with that team, PM me if you need more assistance.
  3. If you've ever supported the When Thunder Rolled Project in anyway, first again accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude. I would ask that you please email me with your contributions list and an upcoming announcement at: admin@whenthunderrolled.com . If you're still interested in contributing in some way, we welcome and encourage you to reach out. Just to avoid any misguided speculation, this request is not implying any near-term release date. Thanks again, here's a good blast of early 2Q 2019 WTR screenies that are long overdue...hope you enjoy.
  4. Still in-development, but here's a sample of the quality you'll get with the When Thunder Rolled project: Downtown Hanoi And one for the Mud Movers... Low Altitude Mig Patrol - North Vietnam
  5. A few When Thunder Rolled screenies as requested by select individuals: Our North American F-100F Super Sabre SAM Hunter in "bare metal"...
  6. @Soulfreak – that looks outstanding. Look at that attention to detail; side stenciling, placards, texture gradient/weathering, just love it! I know not everyone appreciates these kinds of details but it looks terrific. I guess I owe a picture since I responded here in the screenshot thread, so here's something similar in detail as we work to at long last to finalize the Thud after many years... but just to be clear the push buttons are inop (LOL).
  7. And in 2018 the demand for at least one "red-side" aircraft has finally made the development road map...
  8. Thank you for your interest, yes we are still working on the project.
  9. New one currently in the workshop...
  10. Thought everyone had the magnificent Gerwin's site bookmarked, but anyway it's in his signature line: On my homepage you can find a summary of all the Strike Fighters files that I uploaded: http://members.quicknet.nl/lm.broers/
  11. Not that one, but maybe someday this one...
  12. Cosmoseed, please do as Menrva mentioned - create a new water rendering technique, textures, and shader - let us know what you can offer to help, thanks!
  13. We like the diection of our WTR Jungle - but the best part is the new approach and techniques that not only provides a much more dense and immersive jungle but also maintains awesome performance / FPS (see early screenie).
  14. Finally made it up the priority scale, so it's underway...and plan to also do a new cockpit for it. If you are interested in collaborating or participating in the project, all support is welcomed and encouraged - just drop me a PM!
  15. New screesnhot thread is tempting and it's been a while anyway....so here's a contribution...

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