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  1. And in 2018 the demand for at least one "red-side" aircraft has finally made the development road map...
  2. Thank you for your interest, yes we are still working on the project.
  3. New one currently in the workshop...
  4. Thought everyone had the magnificent Gerwin's site bookmarked, but anyway it's in his signature line: On my homepage you can find a summary of all the Strike Fighters files that I uploaded: http://members.quicknet.nl/lm.broers/
  5. Not that one, but maybe someday this one...
  6. Cosmoseed, please do as Menrva mentioned - create a new water rendering technique, textures, and shader - let us know what you can offer to help, thanks!
  7. We like the diection of our WTR Jungle - but the best part is the new approach and techniques that not only provides a much more dense and immersive jungle but also maintains awesome performance / FPS (see early screenie).
  8. Finally made it up the priority scale, so it's underway...and plan to also do a new cockpit for it. If you are interested in collaborating or participating in the project, all support is welcomed and encouraged - just drop me a PM!
  9. New screesnhot thread is tempting and it's been a while anyway....so here's a contribution...
  10. Sukhois

    Gents, don't often stray from our forum - but in this case wanted to take time out and say that this is surely evolving into a masterpiece. Well done to the team behind it, and keep up the fantastic work!
  11. Decided to post here rather than in the WTR Forum since hoping this might be a good collaboration opportunity. We are trying to better understand the current logic of fuel consumption and potential for air-to-air refueling (although a long shot). So first question, in debug mode does the "Fuel Weight" variable as displayed actually represent the remaining fuel? There must be a logic check given against a certain memory register, especially because there is a trigger that signals the Bingo Fuel call (I think we narrowed that down to 2.2 if I recall). So therefore, theoretically it could be something like: If FuelWeight<=2.2 then...messagesystem Bingo Fuel. Does anyone have any more insight or info to share on this? Would under the Gen2 series, would we still need a 2nd "fake" engine to reverse fuel flow? What about creating, just for test purposes, an engine that only runs in reverse so to speak? If we were to collaborate on that, then we could assess from the debug what values are changing. After that of course, I would think someone on our team could dig deeper through the memory registers but I realized we don't have all the base knowledge to start. Interestingly enough we were able to make the fuel gauge "go up" but realized that was just the draw call on how to paint the needle. So the hunt continues...
  12. If that is true about Centurion, what another big and disappointing loss for the community...
  13. It is easy to see what tool is being used, but unfortunate that it's being shared like this...Yes Mue, it intercepts Directx draw calls using an api hooking strategy..
  14. Gents, I'm confused - using folders to keep things neat and organized within the terrain folder has been around for a long time in SF2 and I certainly assumed was a best practice (e.g., also how our entire WTR project is structured). So I'm not following - are you saying you are just now figuring this out or am I completely missing the point of this post...
  15. Please drop me PM when you can to discuss potential collaboration area if interested, thanks.

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