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  1. WTR End of Summer Update

    Thank you for your interest. Another update will be forthcoming in July. This time we'll also be taking it a down low as we build out increasingly more detail and immersion along the Ho trail, including capturing "off trail" NVA encampments and supply villages.
  2. Hi all, thanks for the updates and feedback - much appreciated. Your feedback absolutely does make a difference.
  3. For those familiar with the project, the When Thunder Rolled era is primarily set from May to November of 1966 during Operation Rolling Thunder over North Vietnam. While that helps limit the scope of aircraft, it does not mean we are limiting the development efforts. We'd like to solicit your feedback, please. Which Vietnam-ear aircraft/helos would you like to see made available - of course up to our high fidelity standards the best we can. As a reference point, when we last ran this poll, the Skyraider ended up taking the top spot followed by the F-100F and the Mig-17...your feedback welcomed and encouraged. Bonus Screenie - and thus, this was made reality...any talented and interested Skyraider skinners please PM me...
  4. Hello, thank you for your comments. The project was always intended to be mission-based, but during early alpha builds some talented modders did create a campaign for it so there is definitely that potential.
  5. If you're reading the book you'll absolutely have an even greater appreciation for the project, especially as we are replicating the missions not only as the book describes but in accordance with Ed's actual flight logs. Just curious if you have a favorite mission/experience in mind you're hoping to enjoy?
  6. Maybe so. Right after we finish building 1000s of miles of the Ho Chi Minh trail and accurate surrounding elevation. And then finish up 100s of miles of the Vietnamese rail lines. Then we will work on the major road networks.
  7. When Thunder Rolled and Winds of Change - September 2021 It is with great excitement today we announce some updates and increasing momentum of the When Thunder Rolled Project. Perhaps the most significant news is a Leadership change. All founding members have approved the nomination and acceptance of a new Project Leader that has demonstrated the proficiency, commitment and quality demanded in this critical role. Leveraging his solid understanding of the Thirdwire sims, and recent leadership roles with other initiative including Operation Desert Storm, will set us up for greater success. With this change, we are expecting a surge in activity and progress which has us energized and excited. On a tactical level, our top focus/priority now continues to be on finalizing terrain work - creating incredibly accurate depictions of the Vietnam topography, cities/towns, airbases, enhanced terrain tiles (e.g., honoring requests for more rice paddies), etc. This terrain of course will serve as the foundation for everything else. We continue to excel in enhancing immersion and realism – leveraging outsourced professionals to help with creating dense jungle environments, realistic sky environments and more. These efforts are a cycle of ongoing experiments balancing how much we can push this old game engine and still maintain acceptable frame rates. We have also been making progress in many other areas such as creating realistically detailed target areas. For example, when you strike an enemy military storage area in WTR, we promise it won’t be a generic “Warehouse1” – see proof below! Next up on the target area list is creating a cluttered rail yard supporting Ed’s June 20, 1966 attack on the Railyard NorthEast of Kep Airfield. New models will include a marshalling yard with new train cars, rail yard support buildings, service equipment and more. Also noteworthy perhaps: while not formally adopted on the development roadmap but under consideration – we have received requests over the past few years regarding Yankee Air Pirate (YAP) compatibility. A majority of former YAP team members have already been involved with the WTR Project so this continues to be assessed and a greater possibility. Please enjoy the screenshots below; note these are lower res/compressed versions and representative of unedited actual gameplay. As always, we welcome and encourage community support. If you are interested in contributing, please send me a Private Message (PM). Finally, very special thanks to Erik for all his support and hosting our exclusive forum. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments in this forum, thank you. An F-105 drops its payload over North Vietnam amidst heavy cloudy skies. Our brand new scratch F-100F; its dazzling bare metal skin catching the morning sun on an enemy air defense suppression (Wild Weasel) mission. Vivid Morning Skies over a small Vietnam Village lose their tranquility as enemy AAA chase after the contrails of an F-105 strike package (top right). Another brand new scratch model, this time showcasing the Mig-17 featuring an insane level of detail and perfect for you rivet counters. Rough inner coastal waters demonstrated by new water effects roll in to disrupt a peaceful beach. An NVA solider driving the SA-2 missile transporter takes a quick break along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Yet another new scratch model, the AH-1 Skyraider! Employing a low bomb pass this skillful pilot scores a direct hit on an enemy truck convoy just clearing a ridge along the Ho Chi Minh trail. The sheer beauty of Vietnam, rolling hills, lush jungles and colorful fields serve as a momentary distraction from the war. May 3, 1966. Ed Rasimus’ first recorded combat mission successfully strikes a Dong Hoi military storage area in Route Pack 1. Bonus Screenie: re-creation of YAP “JumpMyers” downed pilot rescue mission integrated with the WTR Project leveraging brand new Jolly Green helo model, rescue pilot, special effects, etc
  8. Still in progress. Yes, we have spent years working on this and continue to do so. In full transparency, we underestimated the lack of interest and community support/contributions so expenses have sky rocketed and delays elongated due to heavy reliance on outsourcing.
  9. RussoUK, we know contacts there and have negotiated licensing agreements with that team, PM me if you need more assistance.
  10. If you've ever supported the When Thunder Rolled Project in anyway, first again accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude. I would ask that you please email me with your contributions list and an upcoming announcement at: admin@whenthunderrolled.com . If you're still interested in contributing in some way, we welcome and encourage you to reach out. Just to avoid any misguided speculation, this request is not implying any near-term release date. Thanks again, here's a good blast of early 2Q 2019 WTR screenies that are long overdue...hope you enjoy.
  11. Still in-development, but here's a sample of the quality you'll get with the When Thunder Rolled project: Downtown Hanoi And one for the Mud Movers... Low Altitude Mig Patrol - North Vietnam
  12. A few When Thunder Rolled screenies as requested by select individuals: Our North American F-100F Super Sabre SAM Hunter in "bare metal"...
  13. @Soulfreak – that looks outstanding. Look at that attention to detail; side stenciling, placards, texture gradient/weathering, just love it! I know not everyone appreciates these kinds of details but it looks terrific. I guess I owe a picture since I responded here in the screenshot thread, so here's something similar in detail as we work to at long last to finalize the Thud after many years... but just to be clear the push buttons are inop (LOL).
  14. And in 2018 the demand for at least one "red-side" aircraft has finally made the development road map...
  15. Thank you for your interest, yes we are still working on the project.

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