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  1. The Formation.INI file in the Flight folder look like what you are looking for. In the stock SF version it has coordinates for [ConvoyLine] and [ConvoyDouble], and in some of the specialist naval MODs, like the WW2 PTO Mod, there are more. [ConvoyDouble] looks like this: [ConvoyDouble] Position[01].Offset= 0, 0, 0 Position[02].Offset= 500, 400, 0 Position[03].Offset= -50, -800, 0 Position[04].Offset= 550,-1200, 0 Position[05].Offset= 50,-1600, 0 Position[06].Offset= 450,-2000, 0 Position[07].Offset= -100,-2400, 0 Position[08].Offset= 600,-2800, 0 Position[09].Offset= 100,-3200, 0 Position[10].Offset= 400,-3600, 0 Position[11].Offset= -150,-4000, 0 Position[12].Offset= 650,-4400, 0 So you could try changing it to Position[01].Offset= 0, 0, 0 Position[02].Offset= -20, 0, 0 .... which should give you an escort ship 20m to the left (starboard) of the main ship (usuaully a CV). Not sure how you fix the second ship type as a tanker or stores ship, though.
  2. I've never had a problem with the A-team website or their downloads, I have always found them polite and helpful. You have to register, but that is the same here at CombatAce, and every other download site I know. I have heard of people being banned but the same thing can happen here at CombatAce. Every time I see someone complaining about being banned at the A-Team site, it seems to have been because of breaching the download rules (it is a free site, with limited bandwidth) or because of slagging off at them or their products. They have a huge range of models and all-inclusive Mods, I am just grateful that people who are much more talented than me spend their time creating things for me to enjoy and then giving them to me for free.
  3. The SF2 AircraftObject.DLL file has three parameters for aircraft missions: DAY_ONLY, NIGHT_ONLY and DAY_AND_NIGHT. So changing the Data.INI files of all the aircraft in your WW2 Night Bomber mod to AircraftCapability=NIGHT_ONLY should work. Not to hijack this thread, but while checking on this I just noticed that the AircraftObject.DLL file has five parameters for aircraft role: HELO, FIGHTER,ATTACK,BOMBER and TRANSPORT Has anyone ever worked out if the HELO role works in the sim, or is it one of the non-functional things, like the BALLOON_BUSTING mission type?
  4. Polikarpov I-15 Chato
  5. Nice-looking SWOTL action, and A-26 Invaders. Willi Messerschmitt's sleek killing machine over Spain, 1938:
  6. Veltro2k's outstanding B-42A Mixmaster:
  7. The Ar-234C with a V-1 loaded:
  8. Some German jets, the Me-P1101 and the Ta-183 loaded for bear.
  9. Just tested this in a couple of missions in the stock Europe terrain, and it is working well, no glitches so far. Thanks Stary !
  10. Try changing the NightLightOn= number down, not up. NightLightOn=0.10 or less should work to give you a good glow in the cockpit. It represents the fraction of full daylight (1.00) at which the cockpit light comes on. NightLightColor= is the color of the cockpit light, 0.6,0.3,0.4 should give you a pale red glow. .
  11. Hmm... those buildings do look a bit funny. Mue will have to tell us how to paint the LODs which are now TOD objects. Also, those square things next to the houses, which I assume are trees, look very odd. I think you will need to tweak the line AlphaObjectTexture=

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