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  1. img00048.jpg

    top gun style :D
  2. COD6: Modern Warfare 2 Out this Year

    it is something like 11.10.2009
  3. 3 years looking for croatian mig-21bisD and notthing...... every time i see thread called mig 21 bis or something like that i get some hope but nothing.....
  4. I ve heard somewhere that cobra manuver is offten called "high speed stall"
  5. Worst Modeling Experience

    well... i have started with modeling about 3 years ago... my f-16 1:72 , everything was going fine and once, i used wrong color to paint it, and than i had to remove it with brakes oil, and that happened twice. now it is in basement, filled with dirt. also RF-4E Phantom Tigermeet and MiG 21 F-13 Fishbed C are in the box waiting until i get my confidence back.
  6. maybe your joystick is broken, same thing happened to me.
  7. You Don't Mess with the Zohan

    great movie.... no, damn great movie.
  8. I think LOMAC is at the moment best sim, but only minus is that there are only about 6 flyable aircrafts. BTW, it s worth... you should buy it...

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