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  1. Jeff was nice enough to let me have two section on this forum a while back to use as the forum for my website. I retired from the AF back in Aug 04 and have now went to work as a contractor with the A-10 SPO. My new job is very demainding so I only have a limited amount of time to spend on forums so, the two section have had very little traffic in the past few months. I still drop in once a day and try to answer any questions which may be posted but, as I said, the sections have been pretty quiet. Please feel free to remove the two section, and myself as a Mod on the forum with no hard feeling what-so-ever on my part. Jeff thanks a lot for the forum space and you helped me out at a time when I really needed it! If you ever need anything from me all you have to do is ask. Good luck in all you do and good luck goys with the website!!
  2. New site owners, the A-10/F-4 sections

    Sounds good Jeff, I'll drop-in as time allows....
  3. New site owners, the A-10/F-4 sections

    Dutchy, thnaks for the comments on my site, I try to keep it "fresh"! I didn't mean there is no A-10 news but, that I have very little time to post it so I don't want the new guys to feel obligated to a deal Jeff and I made.
  4. A-10 HUD

    GhostDog you da man! :D
  5. Hog Wild Van

    Nope, that's not me (I'm Dice with a new screen name) but that goes to show what happens when pilots have to much time on their hands...it is funny as heck!
  6. Not a problem Growler just what you to have the right info. Hey Mugs nice to see ya around these part!
  7. Hey Mugs are you the Mugs I know from the AF? Growler, there are altimeter antennas on the side of the vert stab which take over at 45 degrees of bank, you should not lose altimeter info while janking and banking unless you go inverted.
  8. Merry Christmas To All...

    Merry Xmas all and a safe and Happy New Year! Man 2004 is going to be a scarry year for me....I retire from the AF after 23+ years! I think the hardest part will be picking out what to ware every day! :D
  9. A-10 Loadouts

    I answered this question on the LOMAC forum but will answer it here also. As Indy said there is no differance in an A-10 and a O/A-10 except the mission flown. It's a bean counter thing so they can do war planning and have the proper number of A-10 for CAS and FAC(A). Anything an A-10 can carry an O/A-10 can carry. I don't know whay LOMAC limites you to two mavs when you should be able to carry 3 on LAU-88s on both stations for a total of 6 mavs.
  10. Is Simhq Down?

    Haven't been able to get to the forums for two days now, did LOMAC week kill their bandwidth? :D
  11. Is Simhq Down?

    Thanks Jeff, I have had trouble for the past three day now and still having problems today. With the LOMAC forums full of newbie who don't know RAM from ROM or IR from radar guided missiles and the flame boys I have just now been able to find good forum reading. Maybe some will start coming here to get away from that crappy forum software UBI uses and we can get some action going here.
  12. Grufus, yea I'm off to Tx all next week for a Precision Engagement meeting, A weeks leave during the holidays, I still have to get the Hog Pen ready for the new year and have everything ready for our A-10 30th Anniversary the first week of Jan...busy, busy, busy! :D
  13. I'll help where I can but the next month is very busy for me.
  14. A Couple Fighter Pilot Songs

    Here's a sample of some fighter pilot songs I have... *****WARNING ADULTS CONTENT***** 1.65meg http://www.warthogpen.com/bs/songs.WMA
  15. Off To See Kiss And Areosmith

    Rock-on dudes!!! :D
  16. Website Auto Refresh

    How do you get your website to auto refresh or must this be done by the user? What I mean is sometime when I update my website I have to hit F5 (refresh) to see the changes and I'm woundering if people who are visiting my site are seeing the updates? Any insight will be helpful!
  17. As most of you know I have a “preview” copy of the A-10 historical DVD and I would like to make a short film, using Windows movie maker (MM), to post on the net to show everyone some of the content. The problem I’m having is converting the DVD format into something movie maker can recognize. The DVD is in MGEP2 format and I do have a “rip” program to convert it into MPEG1 formant. The problem I have is once I rip it and try to import it into movie maker, MM only sees it as an audio file. I can drag it down into the audio section of MM but not the video section. Also if I play the “audio” the video is “imbedded” in the audio. I think this is because the file has a VOB file ext. and that’s what is confusing MM. Do I need a different video editor to work with the ripped files or what? I’m very green when it comes to video editing and video file extensions so be gentle with me! B)
  18. Website Auto Refresh

    So are you saying the end user has to have his/her computer set to refresh?
  19. I Said Goodbye To Armand Today......

    So sorry to hear this Chief, you must have loved him very much to have put his needs above your own..not many people can do that! I'm sure Armand loved you as much as you loved him.
  20. #1 No it will not be changed in the first release..maybe later. #2 Still looking at this one...more to come.
  21. There are reports the demo has been released in Germany and is now on Kaza for download.... http://forums.ubi.com/messages/message_vie...mac_gd&id=zunok
  22. ..but grap it quick because I will not leave it up long. Also the quility is not that great because i tried to keep the file size down to help with uploading on my end and down-loading on you's. http://www.warthogpen.com/bs/capstone.wmv 12.6 Meg
  23. I have seen, and responded to, a number of posts on the A-10 and it seems a lot of people don’t really know what to expect from LOMAC’s A-10. Well, I thought I would set the record straight before the demo or sim release so you know what to expect in LOMAC’s A-10 Thunderbolt II. What you will be getting is a mid-ninety’s LASTE version 4.0 (Low Altitude Safety and Target Enhancement system) equipped aircraft. What is LASTE and version 4.0? LASTE was an upgrade to the A-10, which began in 1990 and finished around 1992. The most important features LASTE added to the Hog was/are, A simple auto pilot which will hold the aircraft on altitude and heading, a radar altimater system which is tied into the bombing computer improving the bomb accuracy of dumb bombs and the gun, and a GCAS (Ground Collision Avoidance System). Version 4.0 means just what it sounds like, version 4.0 of the LASTE software which runs the LASTE system. Normally the first version of this software will be V 1.0 but because of issues I will not go into here the A-10 started with V 3.0, with 4.0 coming along in the mid-nineties. Just like in the civilian software business and because of inputs from both pilots and maintainers, computer software can be rewritten to improve it’s operation or change functions to better meet the needs of the Hog drivers and maintainers. A good example is the maverick HUD symbol can be changed to display needed info in a better or user-friendlier manner. There are minor changes made every year with major rewrites about every five years. Why do I tell you all this? So you understand that the software V has a big impact on the functions and displays in the A-10 or any military aircraft for that matter from year to year. So, why V 4.0 in LOMAC when we are operating V 6.0 (5.0 was a minor V) today? Simple, because there’s more unclassified data available on version 4.0 than 6.0 and they could build a more accurate sim with all the data that’s available. A side affect of using an earlier version is you also want the other aircraft systems to match the time-period so you are simulating a real aircraft at one point in time and not a hybrid aircraft from several time-periods. So what do you have, a mid-ninety’s LASTE V 4.0 aircraft with all the associated systems. What does this mean you will not get, you will not get NVGs, NVG lighting both external and cockpit, EGI (Embedded GPS/ING) CMS (Common Missile warning System), Litening II pod, or other smaller mods still in work on the A-10. You will get an A-10 which has served for over 20+ years and numerous conflicts including Desert Storm, without the above systems and a simulation which accurately models an A-10 at one point in time, the mid-nineties I will be off-line for a few hours but will be back late to answer any questions
  24. To tell the truth I like 2D pits also, I get lost sometime pannig around a 3D pit.

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