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  1. Madjeff, people seem to be having success with this tweak over at SimHQ: http://oldsite.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/board...c;f=37;t=003906
  2. TRy turning of AA and AF and see what happens. Also, set Visibility to low. There is a sound bug which drastically reduces fps when there are a lot of other aircraft in the air.
  3. Pretty friendly and a little (lot?) more mature over zzzspace :) Happy posting!
  4. Would love to read it Ian.
  5. In regards to your X45 HOTAS, check out this thread to get everything working smoothly: http://forums.ubi.com/messages/message_vie...mac_gd&id=zsehb
  6. Hehehe ... tell her how it is Switch :)
  7. Like the man said .. ATI 9600pro.
  8. Great read Tiny ... It will be interesting whether some of these tactics you talk about will be applicable to LOMAC.
  9. lol Beta ... i havent been smoking anything and either has my A-10 using these tactics! Like i said not ideal but sometimes you have to adapt tactics to suit the conditions. This works without endagering yourself or your wingman. Im still struggling to complete the mission with myself and wingman intact by coming in low and terrain masking. I'll have to give it another go at low level. Anyone else had success at low level?
  10. Very interesting MrMudd. Thanks for all your lengthy replys of late. coming from a WWII combat sim background I need all the info i can get. As for the KAmenka SAM mission... after getting a serious butt-kicking ive finally und a way, although probably not ideal, to complete the mission successfully. Heres briefly what i do: After take-off climb to around 15000ft. From this height you can safely boom, let off a Maverick and zoom climb back up so that you are outside the engagement zone of the SAMs. Next, from this height its pretty easy to take out the Helo's with relative impunity Once the SAM's Helo's are taken out its just like a normal Kamenka mission. I'd prefer to come in low and do a suprise attack but i havent had too much sucess with this attack yet. The above method will work in the meantime.
  11. was a little concerned about the choppiness of TRackIR in the video 'Wags' made earlier. I can say that in the demo TRackIR works as smooth as silk. You'll love it!
  12. Thanks mate. Just curious why station 1 lights are vertical wile the others are horizontal?
  13. S! all, I was just wondering if there is an ECM counter in the hog that tells you how many flares/chaff you have remaining? Also, on the main panel there are 4 little square indicators for each pylon. What do these indicate? I presume when there red it means the pylon is empty or the ordinace is not operational?? Thanks
  14. Excellant job Atte. Thanks mate :)
  15. You can download mine here: http://www.saitekforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4182 Its a work in progress at the moment but should get you started

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