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  1. Parky, von Paulus, please advice

    If I may add something about the power supply sense I just had to replace mine. If I understand what I read the other day , that with all the higher end MOBOs , vid cards and things, you need most of the Amps on the 12 volt rail. The psu , an OCZ 850 watts,I bought when I built my pc 3 yrs ago wasn't and I have had trouble with a couple of things for the last year so I replaced my psu with this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341026 Its modular which is nice and it has 71 Amps on the 12 volt rail where my old psu had 24 I think. cheers GB
  2. Free ATI 4870 512 Graphics Card

    Hats off to you BirdDog
  3. New Pfaltz Skin coming soon

    Great Job UK!
  4. update on the stumper

    Take care Stump. Hope they find the problem soon. I'll ask some of the Docs I work with and see if they might have an idea or two. GB
  5. What joystick

    There is a new Evo Cyborg FFB for sell on Ebay. GB
  6. the TSo version I have is still a beta version. Maybe they will fix it later. GB
  7. Football 0 Rugby 1

    If a kid is fakeing a dive then its bad coaching for allowing it or teaching it. And the ref's fault for not catching it. Think about this, We are born into this world and almost from that moment we are taught to do things with our hands. Soccer is the only sport I can think of that you cant use your hands only your the feet. Someone mentioned low scores..that usally indicates evenly matched teams. I have seen some great U16, U19 games with scores of 2-1.. A 10-2, 15-0 blowout isnt a game to a true soccer person. Untill you understand the game then you shouldnt bash it. I dont understand rugby but it looks rough as hell but I dont bash it. OK I off the soap box Cheers Grumpy
  8. BIG mistake!

    I like his Red Baron Hot Wheels car on the self. GB
  9. BIG mistake!

    hey CJ, thats why she got you the new vid card and monitor...
  10. She's so good to me!

    Lucky You CJ. Looks like she has good taste in equipment. GB
  11. Gun Room.

    Holy Crap!! GB
  12. mp tues 2-2

    Hi Sd I'm game..
  13. testing

    my guess is your banking 90 deg left. LOL GB
  14. ts

    Axe you on now?
  15. Winston's Saturday MP sessions

    Works for me, I can fly before everyone gets out of bed.

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