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  1. Well, the $10 discount was enough to push me over the edge. I'm downloading now.
  2. Where is everybody ?

    You're right corsaire, they've switched allegiance. Despite all the talk earlier when the developers moved and made that the official site. The reality is once WOFF came out people gravitated over to SimHQ. That is the only place where you can interact with the developers and get your questions answered. New players will go there. In fact, they probably don't even know we exist. Just look at the posters there, all of the usual suspects. Even you Olham have over 1500 posts already. We're like the small Mom & Pop store that everyone used to shop at but has now been replaced by a bigger, flashier, cheaper box store. We can't compete. I don't think we'll go belly up, but we'll never return to our former glory. You can have a pleasant chat here but if you want hard information on WOFF you'll have to go to SimHQ. Fortunately it's just a matter of a mouse click or two to get there. Times change.
  3. I think you mean the B-36 Peacemaker.
  4. April 4, 2014. And thanks Erik for fixing my other problem.
  5. Welcome scram! Even if you never got "Hat In The Ring"; even if you never added any of the excellent free enhancements; even if WOFF is never released; even if you were the last person in the world left playing OFF, you would not be disappointed. OFF is an excellent way to lose yourself in the past. It really is a great flight sim and I doubt any of us have discovered all of it's various treasures. Luckily there is a healthy community of OFF'ers out there, lots of excellent addons, and a bright future ahead. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you wait for your disk. You'll be getting your virtual butt shot out of the air soon enough.
  6. After seeing the additional photo and the illustration I agree that it most likely is Goering's. Note that the colored stripe in between the two white stripes is much wider in the photographs than in Pearson's illustration.
  7. There's nothing in the photo to indicate that this is Goering's plane. As a staged photo they could be standing in front of any plane in the Jasta. Goering may have taken the "high ground" when he posed because of his rank, not because it was his plane.
  8. Hmmm, I thought they were lobster traps.
  9. Sure is Lonely Up Here

    Lothar - I think you hit on it. My specific problem is the mod. I had flown some other British missions using the mod and hadn't run into the "Lone Wolf" issue so I wasn't sure. Olham - Since I started flying OFF I have only flown trying to work my way through the war from start to finish; a long and often frustrating process. I think your recommendation is sound. I need to shelve that idea and jump forward in time. Regarding not seeing other planes, that isn't a problem for me. While I've experienced that in other campaigns, particularly British ones, I see enough flying for KEK 1 to keep it interesting. Just as well too, flying the Eindecker I can't evade a parked plane let alone one on my tail.
  10. I don't fly OFF a great deal so don't know if what is happening to me is normal or not. I'm flying an E.III with KEK 1. I joined in June of 1916 and it is now the end of August. All I have ever flown are Lone Wolf missions. Although I have wingmen, I am always sent up by myself. I could be wrong, but it doesn't strike me as historically accurate that a new pilot would always be sent out alone, again and again (unless of course they are trying to get rid of me). The other odd thing I've noticed is that the flight path shown in the briefing never matches the flight path shown on the in-flight map. The briefing usually calls for me to patrol our side of the lines, while the actual flight path always sends me over enemy territory; and should I choose to warp I follow the in-flight map flight path. Is this the same experience the rest of you have had? The only mod I have activated is the 1916 ActiveSector July-August mod. I had the QuietSector mod activated in June and still only drew lone wolf assignments.
  11. Nice Olham. Will there be an English language version?
  12. I check both places several times each day but much prefer this site. I like the look and feel here and find it more "user friendly". OBD made a business decision, but this is still my official OFF forum.
  13. Thanks for the update. Hang in there and here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
  14. My Home is my Castle

    My back yard on what is a very rainy day today (2 inches overnight and still coming down).

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