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  1. Cliffs of Dover

    Enjoy it for what it is. Read on their forums that is the last patch for CLOD. They are moving on to the next segment.
  2. Hope all turns out for the best. Best advice is keep positive. Any time anyone gets on any horse wear a helmet and a protective vest they have saved my behind many many times. I exercised race horses for 20+ years and have seen every type of injury you can imagine,includiing fatal ones 99.9% of the time things heal and life returns to the usual day to day things. I personally have had various injuries spread out over some 40 odd years from horses, fractured skull, busted more ribs than I can count, wrists, hands three times,have been hung up and drug ect. The last accident I had at the race track I fractured the 4th vertebrae in my neck and doc said no more. So now I just ride for pleasure not to earn a living.
  3. WW1 Armor

    C.F.B. Borden had a museum in the 80's that had both a Mark4 male and female, a Whippet and a Renault. Whether or not they are still there I have no clue but they were interesting beasts to look at. Well except for the Renault because it looked like a toy compared to the others it is so small.
  4. It sems that so many people these days have such thin skins. One person states his opinion about another site and a so called service that he doesn't agree with. You get another who states his opinion on the aforementioned remarks. It makes for interesting reading. What makes the difference of opinion a reason to lock a thread?? Isn't that one of the reasons forums exsist? I personally agree 100% with the person who started the thread originally, and that's my opinion.
  5. Keep things as Wings a memory it was great at the time, now it's a POS if you compare it to what is available now. Yes I played it and pretty much every flight sim made since 1982. The target they set is not realistic in my opinion.
  6. Did you delete the stuff that the uninstall exe leaves behind? I had a few issues installing OFF as well but managed to get things right. I usually just go to the work shop thingy in OFF and hit the reset button, sure it deletes your pilots but it's better than doing an uninstall and reinstall. But each to their own.
  7. WOW lots of people getting upset for very little. What makes you so special. Crying censorship just because you don't like the subject matter or music it was set to. Just another form of dictatorship, if I don't like it ban it. BS!!! If you don't like it don't watch it or listen to it. My mothers family is all from Germany lived and grew up during the Hitler era, didn't believe in his BS either but if you wanted to live a half assed normal life you kept your mouth shut. My mothers uncle just happens to be one of the higher ranked Luftwaffe aces and no he was not a Nazi but did what he had to do. In fact a large number of the aces called him a traitor and a communist for his beliefs and conduct after the war. Yes I know all the Nazi krap is banned in Germany, so if you have an issue with something as stupid as a poorly done video and song on you tube take it there and ask to have it banned if your upset about it. In my opinion here isn't the place to gather support for your ideals. My 2 cents like it fine if not that's fine as well.
  8. The GTX9800+ is the exact same card that I had and upgraded a year or so ago the the GTX460. You will be happy with your choice. At least I am from 30 fps with the 9800 to 60+ with the 460. I use ground object density on medium, sliders 5,3,3,5,5 and receive 60 + frames pretty much every where except the airfields at low alt. It performs well with other games such as Battle field 3 and the usual 1st person shooters.
  9. Will have to give this a try, every little bit helps, thanks.
  10. Sounds like you are talking about the TAC screen(call it a radar screen) . The green line points to the next way point. The TAC can be changed to show friendly and enemy targets, ie. airccraft, ground targets, airbases and one or two others. Blue represents friendly and red targets are the enemy. You can drag the TAC screen anywhere you like by using the mouse. As for the key strokes to make it appear and disappear I cannot remember. There will likely someone coming along that can explain more about it for you. Best advice I can give is read Uncleals Hints and Tips on the top of the help page, many things there that will help as you get addicted to this game.
  11. You should see this!

    Was interesting for about 3 minutes, then it's the same ole, same ole all over again.
  12. There is really krap in Canada for comedies and or comedians, so my favorite comedian is Rowan Atkinson, and favorite comedy show is Episode of Absolutely Fabulous those crazy broads are hilarious.
  13. Weird I have been doing this for a long time. Never said diddly because I thought everyone could figure it out if I did.
  14. I have used the unmentionable from day one here and with every game I have purchased. Never had an issue with any of them.

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