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  1. G'day Olham, It's as Burning beard mentioned mate, When you installed your pedals CFS3 engine see them and automatically configure them for you. But what it has done has also assigned your left toe break as elevator and the right to break as ailerons. Go to outside view of your aircraft on the runway and watch your flight surfaces when you use your toe breaks to confirm. Now go Doc &setting/your name/application data/CFSWW1 and find the "Mine.xca or what ever one you are using. Open with note pad and down the bottom you'll see the Saitek pedals entry. This is from mine and all you need. <Device Type="Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals"> <GameMode Name="Player"> <Axis ID="Rudder" Action="Set_Yaw" Scale="64" Nullzone="36"/> </GameMode> </Device> Delete the other axis commands within this Saitek entry and you should be good to go.
  2. Rudder pedals?

    Hauksbee, Don't believe everything you read, I use Saitek pedals and if you want a more realistic fly, get yourself some pedals because if used properly and at the right time you can use a side slip to evade someone on your tail and then clobber them when they fly past (but they must be pretty close to you). I have done it several times and you definately get more response out of them than with a twist stick. I have the MSFFB stick and that with the pedals is as close as it gets to the real thing. When i learnt to fly in real life i was taught by a flying school that implemented stick and rudder control as a must, rather than just mainly stick and a little rudder. If you have an enemy on your tail and he is close, take a turning dive for the deck to the left and when he is right on you take your power of and hit your left rudder and right stick and he will pass you pretty quick. Then hit full power and right rudder and you should bare right back on him to give chase or even get a quick burst in. Of course this all comes together once you have learnt to use them without thinking. I'd be trying it with a temp pilot. Best of luck... and for what it's worth, the Saitek pedals are wider apart than the Ch pedals but i believe thats the only difference... oh and they are a little cheaper.
  3. Hey MK2, they are really cool. At home in Australia i have a painting (printed copy really) of Johnny Johnson leading a group of spitfires on D-Day. The good thing is though he has signed the print later in life at some stage. So it's his original signature on a print of this painting. It was handed down through family, i'd like to get it framed one day.
  4. Hey Olham, did you get your pedals sorted out in the end or were they set up ok anyway?
  5. When i first installed my Saitech rudder pedals the cfs3 engine recognises the new install and not only adds the rudder to your pedals but also adds ailerons to one toe break and the elevator to the other toe break. I posted about this back at SoH but i guess that lost now. I thought it was weird when first flew with them. I have my pilots licence as well but never got these responses from the rudder in the planes i learnt to fly in. Go to outside veiw while on the runway and use your toe breaks and check what happens to your elevator etc. In the end i went into the mine.xml file and deleted the commands that were doing this under the pedals section. Could this be your problem or have you done this already. You may also want to delete the rudder command away from your stick otherwise you'll be forever fighting it with your pedals.
  6. Joystick Recommendations

    hey Catch, i've only just seen this, along with what was wrote in the trackir thread (i responded there as well). Seeing this and how others have agreed is great, at least i know there in no issue then. I've had troubles with my MSFFB stick lately so have been looking about for sticks just in case. I kept looking at the Logitech force feedback but was concerned by the trackir issue i mentioned. Not an issue anymore though. Beside that, the soldering iron fixed my MSFFB stick for 7 quid. i just had to reseat the solders of my trigger and its as good as new.
  7. TrackIR Problems.

    Hey catch, I hope i'm reading this right, your having a laugh aren't you... Do you have a problem with the trigger as well, when you push the button it shoots bullets out... I remember sometime back when i had several different cfs3 game versions running i had issues with my trackir in one of them. I went to the Natural Point forum for trackir and started asking questions. The first one they asked me was if i had a logitech stick or other logitech products because there were issues in the software somewhere that caused trackir not to work properly or not to load at all. So thats why i mentioned it above. As you can see though, BurningBeard mentioned that an update since then has fixed it, which i did not know about, so thats good. Edit...Catch, i just saw what you and others wrote in the joystick thread about this as well. I'm glad this has been cleared up now, i had no idea the issue had been sorted, cheers mate.
  8. TrackIR Problems.

    This does sound like to much light coming from somewhere, more than likely light from a window at the wrong time of day. It's not usually that sensitive apart from major light from outside. I fly with lamps on or lights on in the room from behind or the side with no worries. The only other thing i could think of is whether you have a logitech stick or other application from logitech you may have running. Although i doubt this is your problem, some people with some logitech products have had problems in the past. Of course, you are doing as Uncleal has said and are hitting F12 to set your trackir facing forward once your game starts.
  9. Joystick Recommendations

    If you use Trackir be careful if you have your thoughts on a Logitech stick because some people using that stick found their trackir stopped working. There were discussions on the trackir forum at Natural Point but i believe the final solution was to disconnect any logitech products in use on your PC. Of course that may well have changed by now but i haven't heard anything myself.
  10. It was great, i hadn't seen it before and new nothing of either of them. Sad they died weeks before the end. The biggest thing that got me was they said "out of the 14,000 british pilots that died during ww1, 8000 of them died in training accidents" Also when you see how some of them had crashed from even low heights, it puts a whole different meaning to that aircraft we crashed but thought we should have walked away from. Dead is Dead is that little bit more realistic to me now having watched that because i'm sure some off the crashes i've had i should have survived... but now, maybe not.
  11. Reminder, guys this is on tonight.
  12. Well another eventful mission where my dogfighting was so close that when the enemy aircraft flew over the top of me he was that close that the reality that trackir offers made me duck in real life. I have been flying with trackir for a few years now and that was the first time it made me duck, i felt like a right twat as i sat there laughing to myself, or should i say at myself... Anyway, bagged two Alb's on the way to target and one on the way back. The one on the way back got a bit close (see attached pics) and he came off second best. I managed to make it home again. This is the third time i have lost a wing tip in dogfights, maybe i should back of a bit more. I had a wingman to confirm my claims, i just hope i survive long enough for them to be awarded. hope you like the pictures.
  13. off dog fight competion trial

    I would love to try this, it could be great fun, but after last time we flew together i don't think my PC is up for it. My game crashed twice and TS once last time. I was attacking a DR-1 but could always see 3 as it jittered about in front of me. I can't see me flying OFF online until i build a better PC, as Winder said, OFF is a ram hungry game and with his brilliant work on the scenery as well as all the skins I can see why. For those who haven't flown dog fights against others before here's some info from my experiences so you won't get dissapointed or feel your crap at flying if you don't do to well. Maybe things have change but here's what i have noticed anyway. Unlike flying co-op mission where your all on the same side, different PC specs make a difference, faster PC's seem to do better. Internet conections, faster one's are better. The host is usually fastest because he is hosting, so the further away from the host and the slower your pc and net connection is the greater your ping will be. This means there will be more lag in your game. So if your shooting at someone but he shoots you down first from being in front of you, then you're seeing his ghost so to speak because he has made the turn on you already but because of the lag you are still catching him up. Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining, i had great fun when doing this with people in a similar set up and location but because i didn't know about these things i mentioned above i also found it very frustrating when flying in a more internation group, which kind of spoils things, nobody likes being the one that gets shot down all the time and above is usually the reason why. Anyway i hope i haven't discourage you, please give it a go, it's great fun when you know how it all works. Stumper and Sitting Duck, if i am wrong about this and things have changed, feel free to correct this and let me know because then i may be tempted to join in and shoot you all down myself...
  14. I usually order my men to engage enemy fighters first. I know some people like the realism and don't use the TAC "BUT" I use it for this very purpose. Firstly, if your not already, take the lead as rickity said so you can order your wingmen about ( i don't know if you can anyway as a wingman yourself). Then next time you engage a group of fighters set your tac to aircraft and select an enemy and command your first two wing men to attack (they always go in pairs) then do it again for the other wingmen. That will keep them busy while you select one for yourself. Stick to shooting the one's you select for yourself first so as not to shoot down the wingmans targets or they will come back and target yours. Then when you have cleaned up your targets, go and help your wingmen. I know using the TAC is a bit of a bummer but the wingman pinching your kills is a cfs3 hardcoded thing the guys can't change and this is the only way i know of on how to take control of the situation. I very rarely loose a kill to a wingman unless a different flight comes along that you have no control over. The same goes with airfield and railattacks, select the target and order them to attack. If you watch them when you order them you'll seem them break off to go attack, this will happen with any order you give them whether it's an air attack or ground. They will eventually attack the ground target, but whereas you and i will dive straight in, they will fly away and make an attacking run from some direction well after you have done the job. I believe this is also a cfs3 hardcoded thing, i have seen them use there rockets (finally) but again it does take forever.
  15. Warping question

    Hi Cobra, yes thats an idea but at the end of the day it's no different from turning of autotrim before you warp and then turning it on again once your back to normal flight. The reason i say this is because it take's longer to get autopilot working because he fly's up or down first when you turn it on (well it does for me anyway).

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