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  1. Hell yeah you guys rock! Thanks! If you either of you are ever in Baltimore area hit me up and a round of brews on is on me! Speaking of which I still need to get up with EricJ on those beers I owe him as well and he's in the Baltimore area....hmmm
  2. some people would say I really like the Tornado's
  3. Hey guys I had seen the post a few days back about cleaning up the d/l area to the way SF1 is I must say I love it so far! Its fricking awesome so far! It'll be much easier to look for the stuff we all need. Thanks to whoever is doing it!
  4. Hi-Res F-105?

    :drool: Damn it looks good :) thanks guys!!!
  5. F-105D Hill AFB updated skins

    Love it its beautiful.
  6. Hi-Res F-105?

    I need to change my pants now..................... Oh my god pleaseeee send them to me....dear god........ Thank you for the info Daddyairplanes. I'll certainly remember to do that. Do your squadronlist.ini able to go right into the Vietnam Mod pack that is out? I'll look forward to your update in the next few months as well!
  7. Saw this photo....

    That's usually me after I do a mission build on SF2 haha s**t! I PUT TO MANY SAMS IN MY TARGET AREA!!! ARGGHGHHH!!!
  8. Saw this photo....

    I saw this and just about died from laughing. I thought you all would get a kick out of it as well!

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