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  1. Von Paulus - I chucked the stock Intel cooler away (well actually I put it in a pile marked "e-bay") when I built the rig, and replaced it with the biggest Zalman cooler, which wasn't expensive. The case already had multiple fans. I fly with 5.1 headphones so I don't care how much noise it makes! It runs really cool. I bought the E8400 on advice because it is so overclockable; I had to buy new memory as the stuff I had originally installed with the (not very overclockable) E6750 just wouldn't go fast enough to support the overclock. So the upgrade cost around £150 altogether. Set against a complete rebuild this made a lot of sense to me. I was also fortunate that the mobo I had was able to support the new CPU, although I had to reflash the BIOS to upgrade the firmware to get it to do that. Once again, I wouldn't/couldn't have attempted this without an internet chum who knew how to do this and patiently helped. Olham, glad Von Paulus answered your "what mobo have I got" question as he's obviously very much more expert than I am! Good luck with your project!
  2. Olham, if your CPU is overclockable I'd recommend having a go. A few months ago I was contemplating upgrading (Ie chucking away and starting again) my whole rig (based on an E6750 processor running at stock speed, I think 2.6 Ghz) but a chum on the BoB2 forum suggested just changing the CPU to an E8400 and overclocking it. I had always thought overclocking was too scary, but I gave it a go and the E8400 is now running at 3.9 GHz and it makes the most amazing difference, high settings in OFF and Bob2 and no stability or any other issues. I don't know what the difference is with your E8300 but I'd think it worth a go. I see Lou is running an E8400 also. For a cheap upgrade the benefits have been outstanding. Never had any "tearing/white triangles". I was fortunate to have someone to hold my hand (by email) while I did the overclocking but I'm sure there are many expert and helpful guys on the OFF forum who could help. The main thing for me, having changed the CPU, was having someone to encourage me it was going to be OK and the entire thing wouldn't go up in smoke. The actual overclocking stuff is basically just changing some settings in the BIOS, incrementally and cautiously, and knowing which to change in what order. My GPU is getting a bit long in the tooth though ...
  3. Bullethead, kick the cats out (gently), stick an engine in it and let's take it up for a spin. Fabulous kite. If only ....
  4. I think flying in OFF is particularly helped by rudder pedals as many of the planes are so responsive to big rudder inputs. I wouldn't go back to a twisty stick handle under any circumstances. And let's face it, how many of the prototypes had a twisty stick instead of rudder pedals? If you can afford some reasonable pedals, I'd do it.
  5. Herr Prop-Wasche, many thanks for the heads up on revised NVidia drivers - of course I should have realised an NVidia driver bug could only affect GPU (not CPU) overclocking, which I'm not messing about with. Kamikaze, thanks for your warning about the dangers of overheating through overclocking. I am a complete novice at overclocking - succeeded at it only through careful hand-holding on the part of Marine over in the BoB2 forum. At the moment the two cores are running at 28C & 16C no matter what I do with the PC, but then it has got 5 fans going full blast inc. a Zalman on the CPU, and its in the loft space in the garage with an ambient temperature of @2C!! May be a tad warmer up there in July! I've got the E8400 running comfortably without changing any voltages at 3.7GHz. I gather 4Ghz is possible. Or perhaps I'll just leave well alone now ....
  6. Lou, thanks very much for this really helpful post. I just installed nHancer and copied your settings, and the improvement is significant - all that shimmering in trees etc. has gone. I'm just in midst of chucking out the venerable E6750 and installing an E8400 and new memory with a view to overclocking it to @3.6Ghz+, so soon it should be the dog's knackers!! Such pleasure from such small things. BTW I read that the latest set of drivers (196.21) have some bug which creates problems for overclocking. Anyone know if this is true or if it matters? Before I joined the ranks of overclockers none of this would have worried me!
  7. Beautiful things, even just for shooting down! Thank you.
  8. Is this the place to point out to the Developers that as the lady wife and I have just spent the afternoon (at pensioners' prices) watching Avatar in 3D (awesome!), I now have 80p's worth of 3D glasses ready and waiting for P4 ... come on chaps, pull your fingers out!
  9. Outstanding support, thank you very much chaps.
  10. Hear hear from an ordinary pilot in the ranks, as it were. This really is the most fabulously enjoyable combat flight sim, plus the nicest and most helpful forum. I'm sure 2010 is going to be even better again. Thanks again.
  11. OT USB Hassle

    Hi Widowmaker, these teething troubles are always a headache aren't they? Almccoyjr was the man for me, some months ago I switched to a powered USB hub and all my continual problems with the Cougar freezing, failing to be recognised etc etc disappeared immediately never to return. I think I paid about 20 quid - I can go and look at what model I'm using if you're interested - so if nothing else solves the problem you could try this without breaking the bank. I seem to recall someone also saying the USB sockets which are soldered direct to the mobo (ie back of the case) give more reliable results than any wired in the front, so that might also be worth trying. BTW it's all still frozen, so I'm getting some stick (joy, not throwing!) hours in, and clocking up brownie points with the lady wife!!
  12. Widowmaker, thanks and Christmas greetings to you and all the chaps everywhere too. This Christmas should be good for flying for me - all the lakes are frozen so I can't get a bait in the water!
  13. Well that certainly fixed "aggression". Ouch! Many thanks, and please make sure you open your Christmas presents before you start fixing "Fuel %"!!
  14. HitR update 1.46 - fuel

    Surely the point is that this is a simulation of a machine (in a wider context of course). The designers choose which parts and functions to simulate, to give the most "realistic" simulation of what the real thing could actually do. The real thing had a fuel tank and a filler cap and could be filled from 0-100% with fuel. The amount of fuel affected the flight characteristics. Previous versions of the sim modelled the way the FM for each plane is changed by the fuel load (and not just from the starting fuel level but throughout a flight as fuel gets used up). I thought it did this rather well. I note our splendid developers intend to fix what is presumably an unintended consequence of the HiTR patch. An entirely different, but interesting, point, is what the individual sim pilot decides to do with the flexibility offered by OFF (!) to start a flight with any particular fuel load. This might range from "I'll carry a bare minimum so as to maximise aerobatic/combat performance" to "I'm only ever starting with 100% fuel". Where this gets interesting I think is in the discussion based on available historical evidence of what pilots actually did do. Presumably this was influenced by both doctrine and individual decisions. Hard to think that individual pilots didn't do whatever they thought might maximise their chances of individual survival and success, if they were able/allowed to. So my point is, the sim should simulate variable fuel loads, and its upto us chaps to decide how to use that function. Of course I have complete confidence our marvellous developers will fix it in due course, so Merry Christmas chaps and thanks for all the enjoyment you've provided in 2009!
  15. It's jolly nice to see a range of views on this one. I've only had an opportunity to fly some QC missions so far, Triplane vs the new EV and for comparison vs DVII. An immediate plus to my mind is that the enemy conserves energy and stays high, instead of doing a circle or two and then diving for the deck, so that the rest of the dogfight occurs below 500 feet. Fun as this is, it doesn't seem to be what happened in the real thing. Now you get lots of turning at altitude, with the opposition converting height into energy, then zooming back up, and also using superior climb rate to stay high. However, they don't (again limited QC experience, and could be different in Campaign) seem to do much in the way of evasive manouevres under fire, nor do they try to get on my six and have a go at me (enemy set to "Ace"). If some "fix" is made to the AI behaviour, then it would be a shame to lose this new ability to stay high - but I feel they (or some of them, especially "Aces") need to be more aggressive. I agree with Bullethead's post earlier in this thread. But this isn't a complaint, I'm really enjoying the new add-on and continue to commend the developers for all their magnificent efforts.

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