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  1. OA-4M

  2. RAF F-4M

  3. MiG-23UB

    ive been waiting for this one for a long time. thanks a ton!
  4. ya Kei Nagasei was making a whole ton of ace combat mods but I havnt heard from her in months...besides that no joy on an ace combat project
  5. Holy Sh!t!..thats incredible...Im in shock. You have got some seriouse skills.
  6. WOOOHHHOOOOO!!!! Sweet plane. Lookin forward to making an Israeli version
  7. Marcelo was making one with a nice cockpit but it had a bug (i think with the bombbay) and last I heard it was canceled. Might be another one out there
  8. spent the past hour going over all my aircraft and adding in your new pilots. thanks a bunch man and welcome back
  9. i dont see the need for radar. The aircraft is primarily for light attack and close air support. Both roles do not rely on radar. The aircraft should be supported on both of these missions by fighters and worse case scenario it can be vectored into an a-a ingagement via ground based radar or awaks. Unless the aircraft is intended to serve as a fleet deffense aircraft like in the falklands than I take it all back.
  10. This is great. You guys were able to fulfill one aspect of air warfare that was realy missing. Now we can operate bombers not only fighters. Cheers for raising the bar...once again
  11. Iran new helo

    wow very unimpressed. its a souped up bell with a carbon fiber nose. Sad actualy...its all propoganda
  12. You can use the default russian stars.
  13. Im prety amazed at how fast you can creat these skins. Very nice job

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